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Folk Ambient Artist
Multi Instrumentalist

Vincent Roy (aka Welkin) is a folk and ambient artist from France, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Vincent is a multi-instrumentalist focusing mostly on guitar and synths.

Vincent Roy

Vincent's musical journey revolves around the creation of intricate textures, immersive soundscapes, and evocative melodies, drawing inspiration from his encounters with nature and travels. Through his compositions, he aims to guide listeners on a profound voyage of contemplation and self-reflection.

As an electronic musician, Vincent Roy predominantly specializes in ambient music, crafting ethereal sonic landscapes that transport listeners to serene realms. However, his artistic vision transcends the confines of music alone. Vincent embodies the essence of an artist in its truest form, utilizing various mediums such as music, photography, and light to articulate his interpretation of the world.

Much like his music, Vincent's photography captures the essence of tranquility found in landscapes, invoking a sense of profound stillness and introspection. His compositions are imbued with meticulously crafted sonic landscapes, enveloping listeners in an otherworldly ambiance curated by Vincent's artistic mastery.

Vincent Roy


Vincent Roy's complete set of music

While Vincent has been working actively as a musician for years, his first-ever published album on digital platforms goes back to 2020. although he has a lot of content on Youtube and Bandcamp.



Vincent Roy has been producing music for a while and remains true to his personal style. He puts much effort into the complexity of his tracks, but he also is mindful of keeping things at a level that anyone can enjoy. 
With the help of modulators, he has created a single track that is succinct yet cohesive. From the opening seconds, we are taken on an emotional journey with Vincent Roy to explore his musical thoughts.

Morning Haze

New Age ambient

Morning Haze is Vincent's first single track, a piece produced and released by Tunitemusic. this melodic new age track has a positive mood with electronic accompaniment and a melody, driven by piano.
In this amazing single track, Vincent goes a bit away from his usual ambient music and experiments with a more melodic piece of music in the new age style. though the spirit of Vincent's music is still there and if you are a fan of his music, it is guaranteed that you will love this one too!

Dron #2

Ambient electronic music

Dron #2 is Vincent Roy's third album. this independent album has been released in early 2022 and has ten atmospheric ambient tracks. the stirring calmness of each track, creates a soundscape that can be interesting to any ear.
the tracks of the album are named in order:
Traversee/Swell, Feb 21 (Interlude), In C, Spiral, Lamentation, Wobbly, Pebbles, Tail, Velvet, and Washed Out.


Ambient melodic music

Elektronika is Vincent's second official album and his first cooperation with Tunitemusic as a record label. this ambient melodic album has been released in 2021 and contains eight tracks. the amazing melodic development and arpeggios in the music of this album did not stop it from being calming atmospheric ambient music.

the tracks of the album are named in order:

Sideways, Cascade, Dialogue, Elektronika, Inherence, Interlude, Waves, and One last thought.
you can read a full review of "Elektronika" on our blog.

An Estonian Winter

Ambient electronic music

An Estonian Winter is Vincent Roy's first official album distributed by Tunitemusic. this amazing EP album was released in 2020 and consists of five ambient tracks. the album is based on Vincent's first impression of Estonia, the country that he is currently residing in.
the tracks of the album are named in order:
Intro, Taevas, Mets ja vesi, Light, and Bliss

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