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Music is the essence of a good workout. here's a playlist for a wonderful and energetic workout. to learn more about good workout music, click on the link below.


Some people like to have background music while making love. having music in the background causes you to not get distracted by small sounds from here and there. It will cover outside noises. This can help you have better sex.


Baroque music is the repertoire composed by European musicians in the years between 1600 and 1750. We should also mention that in many academic sources the baroque era is considered to be between 1599 and 1733.


While listening to music our brain starts to analyze it in different layers, whether we are aware of it or not. Every aspect of the music makes a different part of our brain work. The same goes for the babies.


The original soundtrack that is used in Hollywood movies has such an impact on the audience that many have accepted the original soundtrack as a music genre. While soundtrack in its definition is just the music that accompanies a motion picture, the similarity between today's Hollywood OST is so much that we can actually categorize them as a genre.


The soundtrack of a porn movie also known as porn groove is a style of music that has been so popular in adult movies in the 70s till the 90s. You can find this style of music in many other movies and series too whenever a movie wants to refer to the act of sex, whether as a comic reference or serious reference they use this style. Although today this style is no longer the main part of the porn industry and its main usage is in the parody or comic references to the 70s porn movies.


While you are listening to music, it affects your mind in every aspect. Even if you are not listening to the music and it is being played in the background, still it has a powerful effect on you. the peaceful guitar playlist is a combination of tracks that can put your mind at ease.


Listening to peaceful music can make your mind calm itself down and rest for a while. If you are having trouble focusing on a subject, you should just let your brain calm down a bit before making any decision. To do that, simply find some calm music and start listening to them. Even you can do some handy jobs that don't need you to focus and let the music play in the background. After a while, you will see the unbelievable effect it has on your mind. Your mind can put everything back together and start focusing again.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

EDM can be defined as the nightclub music. This music contains powerful and electronic percussion and bass elements composed to shake your body. DJs remixes of their playlists in live actions or studio recordings can be considered as electronic dance music.

Chill-out Music

Chill-out has popular music characteristics in it. Though there is no straight line defining it as popular music but generally chill music is referring to relaxed and calm Pop music. You can find Classical, Jazz or New Age music inside a chill-out playlist, but the majority of the tracks are probably Pop.

Middle Eastern Chilling

Today chill-out is a popular style of remix between DJs. there are many tracks that are not specifically chill-out but their remixes are. you can listen to chill-out playlists curated by Tunitemusic.

Nature Sounds

Bio music is an experimental form of music that bolds the fact that every sound in nature can be music. If we define music as time in sound, then any sound can be a piece of music. The sound of rain, waterfall, a burning pile of wood, and a breeze in the leaves of a tree are among the many subjects of bio music.

New Age Music

New Age style can be in any genre, this style is defined by its feelings and atmosphere rather than by genre and instrument. A new age piece can be acoustic or electronic or a combination of both. The variety of new age music is from classical to chill house pieces.

Music for Study

Studies show that classical music is the best option to listen to while studying. The peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of classical music can make you have a better study. The best classical music for studying and concentration is instrumental and slow tempo pieces.

Music for Sleep

Music can help you fall asleep deeply and have a relaxing rest to start your next day with more energy and have a better-focused mind during the next day. Music has a more powerful effect on our mind that we give it credit for. It has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, that helps you relax and prepare for sleep.

Slow Jazz Music

Jazz is one of the most popular genres in the world. It has been without a doubt very influential in many cultures around the world. Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, United States.

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