cheap and high-quality music produced specifically for your project

How does it work?

As simple as possible, you just need to give us some basic information and we will contact you to start the process.


You will be contacted by us to write a contract and finalize the prices.

Specialist assignment:

based on your project and budget, we will assign a musician or sound designer for you, all the data necessary for the composition will be asked from you to reach better results.

(in case you need a human touch you will be able to contact directly with the composer)

No need to worry about music copyright anymore.

No more warning from digital platforms due to the copyright.

We will take care of your soundtrack.


Order a music composition or sound design project in any style fast and cheap.

Let your youtube video and podcast sound professional with us. all the tools needed, from music to sound effects will be done for a very cheap price.

Your brand can have a shining voice with our jingle and sound tag services.

Tunitemusic connects you with soundtrack composers for the music of your movie. whether its a short film or a documentary or a feature film, we will find the best match for you.

purchase a monthly account to save a lot of money and receive our complete audio support for your youtube videos and podcasts.

First version:

You will receive your first version of the music via our platform and give us your feedback.

Second version(s):

You can demand corrections and changes in your music and receive a new version. typically you can repeat this section two times, but based on your contract it may vary.

Final version:

After you get satisfied with the music, you will receive a final mastered version of your music.

Additional options:

If you like, you can talk over the additional options while writing the contract, these options may contain:

  • sheet music.

  • full right of the music.

  • certificate for the right of the music.

  • the DAW project file.

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