10 most portable musical instruments.

One of the most rewarding things about playing a musical instrument is playing it in the open air. While the piano seems to be a very sophisticated instrument, you can not grab it with yourself everywhere you go.

On the other hand, instruments that don’t have a loud sound, can’t be very satisfying when being played in a vast open air. Here’s our pick for the instruments that can always be with you everywhere.

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1- Harmonica

One of the most popular instruments in the world is also one of the most portable ones. The small size of the Harmonica makes it very handy. It has a very rich sound and you can play a variety of melodies from different genres on it.

2- Ukulele

No, it’s not the small guitar, its name is Ukulele. This amazing small instrument has four strings and can be a perfect accompaniment to your singing everywhere you go. It has the same mechanism as a guitar but has a different tuning. Although if you know how to play guitar, it will not take more than half an hour for you to start playing the ukulele.

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3- Melodica

The only instrument that a keyboard player can carry is Melodica. Of course, this instrument should be considered as a wind instrument, but the way it is being played is by a small keyboard. The sound of Melodica is between Harmonica and Accordion.

4- Flute

The flute is a standard orchestral instrument and yet its size is small and completely portable. The rich warm sound of the Flute can accompany you wherever you are.

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5- Recorder

This amazing instrument is one of the most underrated instruments in the world. Everybody starts learning music as a kid with a Recorder and it stays in our minds as an instrument just for learning the basics of music. Yet this instrument has a big repertoire in classical music. Vivaldi’s concertos for Recorder are amazing pieces.

6- Violin

Violin is not as small as the other instruments that we talked about till now, but still, it is not a very big one though. The case of a violin is almost the size of a backpack. Yet when you carry it with yourself, you must be aware that a very melodic and powerful instrument is with you.

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7- Clarinet

The exotic sound of Clarinet makes it so popular and yet it is not a big instrument. The case of a clarinet is as big as a handy bag. Of course, the wooden body of the clarinet is so sensitive to climate situation and you must be careful with it.

8- Guitar

Ok, it is not very small, but it is very useful. The guitar is good for accompanying you when you sing songs, it can play beautiful melodies and has the ability to play complex pieces. Though it may not be so small, it is one of the most popular instruments of all time.

9- Jaw’s Harp

There are a handful of different ways to say the name of this instrument. Jaw’s harp and Jew’s harp are among the most common ones. Though it is not a very powerful instrument to play all kinds of songs, it is so small that you can use it as a key chain.

10- Trumpet

The loud sound of the trumpet can shake the mountains. One of the best instruments to play in vast open fields is indeed the Trumpet. And the case of a trumpet is not bigger than a normal backpack.

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