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ANASTÁZIE & The Musa's Journey in "Fleeting Visit"

"Fleeting Visit" by ANASTÁZIE & The Musa is a vibrant and eclectic EP that effortlessly blends various musical genres, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The album's diversity is evident in its incorporation of afro-beats, bile funk, pop, dance hall, RnB, and even touches of Armenian music, showcasing the versatility and musical prowess of ANASTÁZIE & The Musa.

The EP kicks off with "Hajime," an instrumental afrobeat electronic piece that sets the tone with its infectious positive energy. The beats are lively, and it's a perfect opener that gets the listener in the mood to dance.

The second track, "Temptation," featuring Skondtrak, introduces a tempting saxophone sound and a soft beat that seamlessly leads into the main vocals. The collaboration adds depth to the song, creating a rich and layered sonic experience.

"Jungle," featuring Kewu, is a genre-defying track that incorporates a variety of musical elements. The catchy beat and haunting vocals create a captivating atmosphere, making it a standout piece on the EP.

Closing the album is "Wildness," where the bass takes center stage, the rhythm speaks volumes, and the vocal delivery is nothing short of angelic. This final track encapsulates the essence of the EP, leaving the listener with a sense of awe and satisfaction.

"Fleeting Visit" is a testament to ANASTÁZIE & The Musa's ability to experiment with diverse sounds while maintaining a cohesive and enjoyable musical journey. The EP is a delightful blend of infectious beats, alluring melodies, and expertly crafted collaborations, making it a must-listen for those seeking a fresh and innovative musical experience.

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