Exclusive interview with JUNO about the pandemic

Juno is an independent music band based in Sydney, Australia. Tama Gill and Haydn are the members of this young music band.

Meeting each other as first-years for a Creative Arts degree at The University of Wollongong, TJ & Haydn started working together in a Musician / Producer relationship. Haydn was mixing an EP for the band that TJ was in at the time, instantly the connection between the two was advantageous. After a year abroad in Japan, Haydn returned home and instantly started working on a new project proposed by TJ, which later formed into 'JUNO'. The two have been building up a catalog of music & eating way too much Korean BBQ ever since.

Tunitemusic could have an exclusive interview with this talented two-man band and talk about the effects of coronavirus on the independent music industry and life of the independent musicians with Tama Gill (TJ) from Sydney, Australia.

Did you have to cancel any of your performances or new releases because of the Coronavirus?

We submitted our debut single into our distributor which (I assume due to COVID-19) took way too long and exceeded our set release date, so we had to pull it from stores and resubmit for a future release.

What was the effect of the pandemic on your income?

JUNO is a fairly fresh project, but we've definitely missed out on playing gigs and such which doesn't help, I myself (Tama) haven't been affected too much financially as I work full time. However, Haydn has next to no work at all, so it's definitely impacted him.

Did the pandemic and new situation have an effect on your lifestyle?

For us, being home most of the time has really boosted our productivity. We've managed to write & record several tracks ready for mastering since the pandemic started.

Do you think this situation affects your creativity? In what way?

I think for some it does, the pandemic itself doesn't necessarily inspire creativity however it's forced ourselves into a situation where we make a healthy habit of staying creative.

If the virus ends today, will you go back to your routine precisely as before?

If the pandemic ended today, not much would change I think. We've managed to find a groove that works for us so I assume that will just continue, I suppose all that will be different is that we can go out for a beer after working on a track all day!

What is your opinion about the effects of the pandemic on the music and art industry in the future?

I think it's devastating to those who had plans of touring, releasing, interviews, etc. It's definitely had it's negative effects on the industry, but at the same time, we've seen the community really come together and push through. For example, Questlove doing DJ live-streams for charities, local bands in Sydney doing 'quarantine covers' where they record themselves at their own homes and someone mixes it all together, it's really awesome to see music become one of those art forms that can really persevere.

What to listen to in times of corona

What is your opinion about the future of art and more specifically music, from the cultural and artistic view?

I'm very excited about the future of music, I think from the early 2000's up to 2010ish we had an era where experimental music was somewhat shunned to make way for more generic, mainstream music. For sure there were a lot of artists that made amazing releases throughout that time period & tried new things successfully, but now more than ever with artists like Joji, Billie Eilish & The 1975 we're seeing them pretty much being celebrated for their creativity and disconformity.

Did your government or any other organization in your country, support you or other artists around you against the pandemic?

Our Prime minister Scott Morrison, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian & the entire Liberal party don't support the arts at all. Funds being cut, venues being closed down, if you know anything about Sydney night-life, you know that the lockout laws have completely screwed over the nightlife of Sydney. On top of that, music festivals are under constant threat of violating strip-searches, our government is not only failing the music industry, but they're also failing the entirety of Australia.

As an artist, did you get any support from society? What do you think society could do for you?

Yes & no. Music is subjective, so you'll always have people who either like or dislike your music, but I think in terms of support there are so many communities and organizations out there who are really actively trying to help musicians get their start. However I think we also give radio shows & publications too much power, when their subjectivity has the ability to sway their listeners & followers, it becomes a bit unrealistic in terms of their expectations. We don't make music for reviews, we make music because we love it and people love to listen to it. If you like a song that others tend not to enjoy or has been reviewed poorly, then great! That band/artist probably really appreciates your support.

As an artist, did you support your community through the pandemic?

Absolutely, I suppose the most you can do is really just consume. Watch local band's music videos, listen to their songs, share them around. It's a difficult time but there's still so much we can do as a society.

In your opinion how can artists help people through pandemic time?

So, what I've been seeing is a lot of artists releasing music videos, singles, and other forms of media for people to consume which is perfect. With everyone forced to stay home, it makes sense to give people more media to use.

If you could save only one artist from the Coronavirus, who would that be?

Joji, he's fantastic. He has this raw ability to make music you just want to sing along to and listen to for hours, without getting sick them. He's a very valuable asset to current music.

If you knew about the 2020's pandemic from a year ago, what would you do differently?

Probably commit more to make music, maybe hold off on releasing music or maybe even releasing it before the pandemic hit

You can have just one of your wishes come true, what will you wish for?

I'd love for our Single 'Sleepwalker' to be shared and heard around the world, our music is special to us and we want to make music professionally more than anything.

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