Exclusive interview with NilleFresh about the pandemic

NilleFresh is an independent musician from Austria, he is a producer, vocalist, and songwriter.

NilleFresh obsession with music was first sparked in 2010 when producer Skrillex popularized dubstep music. Finally, in 2016 he started producing himself, As NilleFresh enjoys pretty much any genre there is (“with a couple of crazy exceptions” as he put it himself). He is now aiming towards producing in a palette of different styles.

Tunitemusic could have an exclusive interview with this talented artist and talk about the effects of coronavirus on the independent music industry and life of the independent musicians.

Did you have to cancel any of your performances or new releases because of the Coronavirus?

I didn't have to cancel any shows, because as of right now, I don't play shows and the crisis didn't affect any of my releases, which I'm very happy about.

What was the effect of the pandemic on your income?

I work a regular job (as many other musicians have to do), aside from making music, and since my profession allows me to easily work from home, I didn't feel any effect.

Did the pandemic and new situation have an effect on your lifestyle?

My lifestyle didn't really change all that much, besides the obvious lack of social activities. The time was reinvested in music sessions though, so a win in my book.

My job kept my sleeping schedule in check, luckily. My roommates weren't as lucky though, as they both seem to not have any schedule anymore.

Do you think this situation affects your creativity? In what way?

I've actually been feeling a lot more creative lately. My home office is basically my studio, so completely in my comfort zone and I feel like I'm more easily inspired, the more comfortable I am.

If the virus ends today, will you go back to your routine precisely as before?

Sadly, I'd be going straight back to work, which would mean a lot less time to focus on the arts. Although I'm working on organizing my creative process better, so I don't get hit as hard when the day comes.

What is your opinion about the effects of the pandemic on the music and art industry in the future?

I think it's terrible how a lot of people, that I enjoy their art of, have suddenly lost their main source of income, but on the flip side, I absolutely love the response of the plugin industry and all the other companies dropping prizes on software or giving out plugins for free, just so us artists can still pursue their passion. Big shout outs to all these people.

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What is your opinion about the future of art and more specifically music, from the cultural and artistic view?

I think the future is bright and colorful, and I can't wait to be a part of it. I am very optimistic.

Did your government or any other organization in your country, support you or other artists around you against the pandemic?

I don't actually know of any support aimed specifically at artists, but our government handled the general situation quite well I think, so I can't complain.

As an artist, did you get any support from society? What do you think society could do for you?

I don't think society could've really helped me in any way. I even think that being distanced from most of society, has actually helped me more. Time off anything can work wonders sometimes.

As an artist, did you support your society through the pandemic?

I'm a bit torn to admit, but I didn't try to do anything. I just had to grab the opportunity to isolate myself from the world and all the problems that go with it.

In your opinion how can artists help people through pandemic time?

I'm pretty sure, that there's little to nothing upcoming artists can do in this case, but I've seen a lot of people with greater reach raise money for funds, which is a nice way of using their influence.

If you could save only one artist from the Coronavirus, who would that be?

I couldn't survive without Bill Wurtz's music, so he.

If you knew about the COVID-19 from a year ago, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I don't think I would ever change something I did. I'm very satisfied with how my life is going.

You can have just one of your wishes come true, what will you wish for?

I wish for Gabe the dog, to be featured in an educational book about music production in the future. May his soul rest in peace!

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