Exclusive interview with Posztmodern Szenvedés about the pandemic

Posztmodern Szenvedés is an independent artist in the low-fi post-grunge genre base in Hungary.

Posztmodern Szenvedés (Literary meaning the “Postmodern Suffering”) is a low-fi post-grunge independent music band. Tunitemusic had an exclusive interview with Szegedi Laszlo from Posztmodern Szenvedés project, about the coronavirus and its effects on independent musicians.

Posztmodern Szenvedés creates songs with a high-quality structure and uses contemporary poems for its songs as a way to express its ideas and feelings. Posztmodern Szenvedés is based in an attic in the city of Debrecen, Hungary.

Did you have to cancel any of your performances or new releases because of the Coronavirus?

As I was just starting, I had no gigs booked. Actually, working from home meant I had more time to finish two albums, a single and do some live gigs on Instagram, and open mics on Facebook.

What was the effect of the pandemic on your income?

Unfortunately, my daily job lowered my monthly wage by 7%. They also started firing people but I am lucky so far.

Did the pandemic and new situation have an effect on your lifestyle?

Earlier, I practiced and recorded songs on weekends only. Now I try to fit some guitar playing every day, even if it's just a few minutes.

Do you think this situation affects your creativity? In what way?

It absolutely raises my creativity. I can chat with other musicians and finish, polish some projects.

If the virus ends today, will you go back to your routine precisely as before?

More or less will be the same. Working on weekdays, trying to find time for my hobbies on the weekends and at night.

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What is your opinion about the effects of the pandemic on the music and art industry in the future?

Like many things about the virus, this is unclear now. Everything is changing!

What is your opinion about the future of art and more specifically music, from the cultural and artistic view?

Don't know that... Sometimes I hope art will concentrate on feelings more. But it tends to be very commercial.

Did your government or any other organization in your country, support you or other artists around you against the pandemic?

Only some well-known artists. This even raised some arguments in the media.

As an artist, did you get any support from society? What do you think society could do for you?

Ordering some of the musician's merch would mean a hell of a lot!

As an artist, did you support your society through the pandemic?

I watched a lot of live gigs and even spent a small amount here and there.

In your opinion how can artists help people through pandemic time?

As the writer-director of the movie Ruben Brandt says: "Art is a balm to the troubles of the soul." I seriously believe that this is why I turn so many poems to songs.

If you could save only one artist from the Coronavirus, who would that be?

I would save everybody!

If you knew about the 2020's pandemic from a year ago, what would you do differently?

I would stock up more cans and goods in our house.

You can have just one of your wishes come true, what will you wish for?

World peace!!!!

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