How to learn Piano by yourself?

It is nice to stay at home and learn a new instrument. If you already have a piano and don’t have the time to attend music classes, you can teach yourself piano at home. And here’s how.

First of all, you should know that one way or another, you need a guide to prevent you from having a bad posture or learning the basic wrongly. So even if you want to learn the piano on your own, you need to have an online teacher or at least a software that helps you through the first steps.

Sitting behind the piano:

One of the easiest parts of playing the piano is making it sound good. Imagine and Oboe player, or even a Violin player. It takes a long time for them to play a single note correctly. But with the piano, you just sit behind it and press a clavier. That’s it, you have your first note.

But it does not mean that playing the piano is easier than other instruments. It is just easier to play the first notes.

What you need to do is to befriend your instrument. You don’t need to practice all the time, but you should sit behind the piano every day and touch its clavier, just play with it, let your body feel free behind the instrument. Sitting behind the piano and pressing the claviers should be as easy as sitting on a sofa and touching your phone’s screen.

Where to start an online course?

Try different methods together. Don’t start an online course and just go with it. Since you don’t have a teacher to watch over your progress, you better learn from two or three sources simultaneously to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Of course, you don’t need to buy three different courses together. There are many free tutorials, at least for beginner pianists on Youtube. Buy one legit piano tutorial, like Pianoforall or Rocket Piano and then accompany it with other free sources from Youtube or any other platforms it works for you.

We recommend you use Creative Piano Academy or Mangoldproject or Amazin Piano, all for free. Of course, there are lots of other sources, just try them and see if you like them. You’ve got nothing to lose. They are all free. Just avoid all the advertisements about learning piano in five days, or shortcuts to sound like a professional player. Seriously, just don’t even click on them.

Start learning the Piano right now

How long will it take?

You can not play the piano like a pro in a week or two or a month or a year. It takes time and you must be patient in order to learn it. Don’t rush into playing hard and complex pieces.

The most important thing in learning any musical instrument is patience. You should not try to play your loved songs or god forbid, Beethovens Moonlight Sonata after a month of playing the piano.

You must study lots of etudes. Etudes that may not even make any sense to you. You are not going to play something beautiful and amazing in the first year. All you will do is just making your fingers adapted to move properly on the clavier. And if you skip this part, you may never sound like a pro. It sucks, but there is no short cut. Seriously, no short cuts at all.

10 reasons you should start learning a musical instrument

For everybody, it is different, dependent on how much you practice daily, you may develop your playing skills faster or slower. And no, it really does not have to do anything with the Talent. It’s just practice and practice. And also it is dependent on the practice. Did I mention the practice? Yes, you should practice. DON’T start nagging about other people’s talent. They practice. You can do the same if you practice as much as they do.

But in general, it will take two to three years for you to sound professional while playing the piano.

Remember that all the hard times that you spend practicing piano will eventually end in you, being able to play a musical instrument. and it will not be just an instrument, it will be your best friend in good and bad times. so be patient with your best friend and build a strong relationship with it.

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