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Review of Dolcè by Jjacqz

How can you talk about something you experience but can barely understand? How can you hear someone's spoken word and use your written words to describe it? How do you make that happen?

You take it slowly.

Dolcè by Jjacqz is a two-track musical piece for those who desire something filled with love, but who also desire to be cradled by desire. It's a two-part spoken word piece that starts with something simple.

"Imagine one day in the past we could rectify the future." -4:44 am

In "4:44 am (feat K Soul)", Jjacqz speaks of love as if she's been there before. The ants, the bees, the birds, and the trees are all ministers in the play she speaks her way through. Using the accompaniment of orchestral music, Jjacqz is not a singer... she is a poet. She is not here to dazzle us with vocals like Beyonce or stories like Taylor Swift. Instead, you will listen and truly feel what's being shared with you.

You'll start thinking about your loves and all the ways you've connected with others.

Coupled with "4:44pm (feat OluwaJBeats, Nur & Y.A.W.)", the second song of this release wants to take that love of nature it begins with and press it into the very human love of truly being with someone else. It takes the natural look from before and stretches itself into the very same meaning of how love shares itself on the other side of what we all already are.

"You ask me how I ... this good, I said 'practice'" - 4:44pm

Jjacqz is so certain of the love she feels. She is so understanding of how her form responds to it. She deftly poetizes what her and her lover's bodies are like when they are able to connect in such an intimate way. She does all this in minutes. She will cover your mind with her desire and leave you thinking about something very different than before. Something much more sensual.

Dolcè by Jjaqcz is poetry. Its songs given a new and deep life that comes from an artist known for creating in their own way. The release is new, but the feelings are classic. They are formative. They have been a part of us for as long as we've been here. Let Jjaqcz help your memory return to where it all started.

Let her use her spoken word to reach you in a new and poetic way that will help you to finally understand and breathe easy.


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