Saturday’s Instrument: Duduk, Armenian double-reed woodwind.

Duduk is known for its exotic and deep sound in Hollywood movies such as Gladiator. This double-reed woodwind is originated from middle eats and today is mostly known by its player Djivan Gasparian from Armenia.

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Duduk is an ancient instrument made from apricot wood. There are many variations of Duduk in the middle east that are known to local people by different names. Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and even Russia have the Duduk or some variations of it.

The unflattened reed and cylindrical body of the Duduk produce a sound closer to the English horn than to more commonly known double reeds. Unlike other double reed instruments like the oboe or shawm, the duduk has a very large reed proportional to its size.

In 2005 UNESCO proclaimed the Armenian duduk and its music as a “Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

The Name Duduk has a Turkish origin. There is also another instrument in the Balkan region with the same name that is different from this one. While Armenian Duduk is a double-reed woodwind, the Balkan Duduk is a woodwind from the flute family, resembling the Siberian Frula.

Sitar, The Indian pluck string.

Duduk’s sound range is a little more than one octave. But it can play long sustained notes with a magical exotic sound.

Benju or Bulbul Tarang of the south Asia

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