Can I learn a musical instrument on my own?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

These days everything can be found on youtube, can we just find a good teacher and learn an instrument from scratch on our own?

Self-teaching is a very common method of learning various subjects. Can we put a musical instrument under this subject too? There are more than enough resources out there for anybody who wants to learn an instrument, and I’m talking just about the free resources. Well is that enough?

So there are two ways to answer these questions. The short version is NO. If you have never learned any musical instrument before, you can not start learning it from scratch without having a mentor.

Now for the long version, still the answer is no, but, it really really goes back to you. It depends on what kind of learner you are, how serious you are and how much time you will spend learning the instrument. Still, you need to have somebody by your side. After all, most of the aspects of playing an instrument are technical, and you don’t know if you are playing it right or not unless somebody tells you so.

It does not mean that you have to go to a class once or twice a week to learn how to play guitar or any other instrument that you like. You can participate in online classes, or even start learning on your own, but see a professional player once in a while and play for them. They will guide you through your journey and let you know if you are doing good, or you should start going to classes.

Your instrument also is important. Though some instruments like piano are known to be more difficult, we should consider that there are a lot of resources about playing these instruments too. So if you are planning on learning guitar, piano, harmonica, flute or violin, you can consider learning it on your own, of course with the guidance of a professional. But if you have some other instruments in mind, just close this page and go find a teacher right now.

what instrument should I start to learn?

Remember that having a musical instrument in the corner of your apartment that never gets to be played by you, is not a good scene to see every day. So if you are planning on learning it on your own, make sure to think about all the aspects of it. Don’t rush into buying your instrument on the thought that you will learn it in your free time. If you don’t finish what you have started it will make you feel failed.

is learning a musical instrument good for my health?

After all learning, an instrument has a lot of positive effects on your mental and even physical health. Just think about it twice before jumping into it under the sudden influence of your feelings.

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