Suitable music to have sex with

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Some people like to have background music while making love. The question is what is the best style of music to have sex with?

The first question is that is it good at all to have music in the background while making love? Well, it depends on you. But generally having music in the background causes you to not get distracted by small sounds from here and there. It will cover outside noises. This can help you have better sex.

The characteristics of suitable music for sex are as follows:

  • Steady rhythm

  • Continues melody with few ups and downs

  • Preferably instrumental, of course, if some lyrics turn you on, go for them

  • A combination of smooth sounding instruments like saxophone

  • Solo tracks and orchestral ones are not very suitable

  • Music should not have surprises in it and goes as smoothly as possible

  • You should not have a bold and unsexy memory with this music

Music affects your brain in many ways, whether you are aware of it or not. There are doctors who use music instead of drugs these days. Music can calm you down or trigger a certain feeling in you. So if you are choosing to listen to music while making love, be sure to choose the right track, because if you are not careful enough it will not give you satisfying results.

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There is no one genre of music that can be named the most suitable one for sex. Though you can find a lot of the qualities we talked about in the cool jazz or smooth jazz. But still, don’t feel that you should listen to a certain genre, as long as it does not distract you, it can be considered suitable music for your sex life. Whether it’s a piece of Baroque chamber music or a Pop song or a porn groove piece.

The definition of the porn groove music genre

When listening to music while having sex, consider adjusting the volume before starting to make love. If the volume is too high or even too low it will result in an interruption. So take that five seconds and adjust the volume before anything starts.

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