Watch the world's largest virtual concert in Estonia.

As the world changed in 2020 with the pandemic and new lifestyle, a special virtual concert in Estonia brought together over 2,500 choir singers, this concert screened at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

The concert, "Spring came differently", brought almost 2,500 choir singers under the cherished song festival arch in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. The Estonian choir singers from abroad also virtually joined the concert. The choir, conducted by Aarne Saluveer, could be seen on the screens of nearly 1,000 tablet computers, and over 200,000 people were watching the live broadcast in the comfort of their homes.

Interview with Jen-Shuo Chen, a composer from Taiwan

This historical concert held with the audience watching the concert's live stream from their home or from the concert hall inside their cars at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

The epic song starts with live drum beats and after that electric guitar, bass guitar, and synth lead the music to the choir part that is being sung by the virtual choir accompanying the singer live on the stage.

the progressive and catchy rhythm of the music attracts any audience with any cultural background. no matter if you understand the lyrics or not, the powerful music will give you the goosebumps needed.

the piece ends with fireworks and all the audience present honked their car's horns as a kind of applause of the new era.

The highlight of the event was the performance of "Isamaa ilu hoieldes" – one of the five songs the late composer, Alo Mattiisen, wrote (it is based on Karl August Hermann’s song, "Isamaa mälestus" – "A Memory of the Fatherland") just before the 1988’s Estonian "singing revolution". Just like during the "singing revolution", in the hot summer of 1988, the lead singer, backed up by the choir, was again Ivo Linna, a veteran of the Estonian rock’n’roll and pop scene.

Estonia has been a pioneer in technology for the last few years, and with this great concert, maybe they are showing the world, how to hold concerts in this situation. since there is no exact prediction on when the pandemic will end, maybe this will be the future of live concerts.

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