Wednesday’s Artist: Globus, the symphonic rock band

This Wednesday’s artist is Globus which is a movie trailer music-inspired band consisting of a mix of producers, musicians, and vocalists. Their music style is primarily symphonic rock and Epic Music and some elements of symphonic metal.

Every Wednesday of the week, Tunitemusic introduces a new artist and their works. These artists have been chosen regardless of their musical genre.


Globus’ musical style range from epic orchestral pieces, usually based on trailer soundtracks, to rock ballads. The band always tries to use elements of world music in their pieces. The usage of world music instruments, different vocals in different languages including Arabic and Farsi, is one of their main qualities.

They don’t always perform live concerts as their album releases sue to their variety of vocals and instruments in their original studio release.

Kora, the African pluck string instrument


Globus' live world premiere took place in The Grand Hall, Wembley, London, on 26 July 2006 and an album was released in August of that year.

They have released two albums in 2006 and 2011 and several single tracks since then.

Band Members:

As for members, Globus tends to act more like an orchestra than a band, meaning the members are not the main property of the band, but the brand and the music is. Therefore the band changes its members for different performances and studio recordings.

But here is a list of main members that has been working with the band for a considerable amount of time:

  • Lisbeth Scott - lead vocals

  • Scott Ciscon - Lead vocals

  • Anneke van Giersbergen - backing vocals

  • Christine Navarro - backing vocals

  • Yoav Goren - keyboards, backing vocals

  • Daniel Pursey - guitar, Lead vocals

  • Ryan Hanifl - guitar, Lead vocals

  • Tate Simms - bass

  • Mark Richardson - lead drums

  • Jeffrey Fayman - percussion, drums

  • Robert Fripp - guitar

  • Sammy Allen - lead female vocals

  • Kfir Melamed - bass

  • Hiro Goto - strings

  • Mike Horick - drums

  • Bernard Yin - guitars

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