Wednesday’s Artist: Le Trio Joubran The Arabic Oud trio

This Wednesday’s artist is Le Trio Joubran. This trio consists of three brothers from the city Nazareth, the Arabic city of Israel, playing Palestinian music on Oud.

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The trio consists of the brothers Samir, Wissam, and Adnan Joubran, originally from the city of Nazareth, now dividing their time between Nazareth, Ramallah, and Paris. The Joubran brothers come from a well-known family with a rich artistic heritage. Their mother, Ibtisam Hanna Joubran, sang the Muwashahat (poems that originated in Arab Spain) while their father, Hatem, is among the most renowned stringed-instrument makers in Palestine and in the Arab world.

Le Trio Joubran started its professional life in 2004 though the brothers were working together from 1996. Their first Album is from 2002, but the trio’s establishment year is 2004 since they started working on their music as a trio from this year.

Le Trio Joubran is considered to be the first trio for Oud. The Oud is a middle eastern string instrument, an ancestor to guitar, the neck of the Oud does not have frets unlike the guitar, and can play microtones. It also has a deeper bass sound than the guitar.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a legend from Pakistan

The trio found worldwide fame with their track “Masar” in the album “Majaz” from 2007. Their genre is Arabic music and Arabic jazz, they managed to introduce the Arabic tunes in a more western and modern way to the world.

Le Trio Joubran uses Oud as their main and only instrument in many of their works and uses the Arabic rhythmic patterns in its music. The exotic middle eastern sound of their music combined with a more familiar harmony and motives for the popular audience in the world, made their music exiting to listen to.

Vladimir Horowitz, the Russian pianist


  • 2002: Tamaas

  • 2005: Randana

  • 2007: Majâz

  • 2008: À l'ombre des mots

  • 2009: Le Dernier VoL, with Chkrrr

  • 2011: AsFâr, featuring Dhafer Youssef

  • 2013: The First Ten Years - Series of 5 CDs and 1 DVD

  • 2018: The Long March

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