Wednesday’s Artist: Maarja Nuut The Estonian singer and violinist

This Wednesday’s artist is Maarja Nuut. She is a singer and violinist from Estonia, her music is a combination of Folk, Electronic Ambient, New Age, and Western Classical music.

Every Wednesday of the week, Tunitemusic introduces a new artist and their works. These artists have been chosen regardless of their musical genre.

Maarja Nuut is born in 1986 in Rakvere, she started learning music from childhood, at the age of 21 she went to India and studied Hindustani music. After her return to Estonia, she studied Folk music and debuted her first album Soolo in 2013.

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Known for her compelling, often hypnotic live performances, she’s also collaborated with a number of artists such as Sun Araw, the Estonian Chamber Choir Sireen, Kristjan Järvi, Kiya Tabassian, Howie B and Hendrik Kaljujärv AKA Ruum among others.

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In 2013 Maarja Nuut won the prize of the Tallinn music week with her album Soolo, In 2016, she began to collaborate with Hendrik Kaljujärv (aka Ruum), who creates his own abstract electronic sounds. Together they have formed a successful duo, releasing recordings and performing at international festivals.


  • 2013: Soolo

  • 2016: Une Meeles

  • 2018: Muunduja

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