Wednesday’s Artist: The HU, Mongolian metal band

This Wednesday’s artist is The HU, this Mongolian band that has formed in 2016 blends heavy metal and traditional throat singing in their music. The band’s name is from the Mongolian root word for the human being.

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The HU gained international fame with their first two videos “Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem”, they gained more than 30 million views with these two videos and this made them feature news in many international media such as NPR, ET India Times, DW News Germany and others.


The HU music is in the style of heavy metal, but the use of traditional Mongolian music in their pieces made them very interesting for music lovers around the world. Their main instrument instead of the electric guitar is Morin Khuur, a traditional Mongolian instrument, sometimes with distortion effects.

They use other traditional instruments such as Tovshoor (a kind of Mongolian guitar) and Tumur Khuur (Mongolian jaw’s harp).

The Hu also uses throat singing as an accompaniment to their vocal and sometimes even their main vocal, the nature of throat singing has a harsh sound and it really is a good match for their genre, heavy metal.

Maarja Nuut, the Estonian singer and violinist


The first two videos of the band made enough fame for them to be known by every music lover.

On 17 May 2019, The Hu met Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga, who congratulated the band for their accomplishments in promoting the country.

On 6 June 2019, the band released the lyric video for their third single "Shoog Shoog". In June and July 2019, they performed twenty-three concerts in twelve European countries. The band released the music video for their fourth single "The Great Chinggis Khaan" on 23 August 2019.

The Hu released its first album on 13 September 2019. The album's title is The Gereg, which is the term used for a diplomatic passport from the time of Genghis Khan.


The band’s name, The Hu, is the Mongolian root for the human being. They call their style “Hunnu Rock” that is a name inspired by an ancient Mongolian empire named Hunnu, this empire is known as the Huns in the western culture.

Band Members:

The band consists of four permanent members:

  • Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar aka "Gala" – Morin Khuur, Throat Singing

  • Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts aka "Jaya" – Tumur Khuur, Tsuur, Throat Singing

  • Enkhsaikhan Batjargal aka "Enkush" – Morin Khuur, Throat Singing

  • Temuulen Naranbaatar aka "Temka" – Tovshuur, Backing Vocals

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