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Welcome Human... to the Grays by Soshiant

When I first launched the eight-track album Grays by Soshiant, I started to hear a very different-sounding world. Electronic and filled with synths and free percussion, it was its own form of hungry jazz for pirate psychics. It made a sonic pate out of the side of my mind. The Grays had come and made me want to understand the sound that outer space makes from the inner space of my own musical mind.

Every week I search the podcasts on my phone and try to catch the episode of "Conspiracy! The Show. Host Adam Tod Brown dives into some topics with his co-host and they wander through various books and other podcasts about the list of facts that only exist in the outside spaces of our fragile minds. Back on January 18, 2018 Conspiracy! The Show did an episode called "Meet The Grays" where Adam and his Connor talked about the documentary Unacknowledged and all of the deals that have been struck between humans and the Gray space aliens that have been around us since at least the 1970s if not thousands of years before. What kind of deals between humans and aliens might our leaders have made? These are the types of things that can keep me up at night.

As I listen to Grays by Soshiant, that's what I get to think about - staying up late, listening to my conspiracy podcast, and wondering about what's real and what's not. How have I managed to stay alive this long? Celestial Whisper starts me off in this mindset. There's almost a quality of French house music that resides there. It's a similar feeling to Nebula Reverie (feat Viktoria Kryukova). It's as if Daft Punk wanted to make you listen without making you dance like the track Game of Love from Random Access Memories.

It's quite different from the way that Stellar Groove hits later on as if wants you to raise your mind to the level of who this record is named after. Grays wants to open your head and move your body to a rhythm. Gray Puls is another song on the concept by Soshiant and DJ Floyd Pro. For me, this track brings up the feeling of being a human dealing with the Grays. What is it like for the person who meets these aliens, designs these treaties they're willing to work around, and learns all about their actual society? Are these the same people dumping information into a documentary like Unacknowledged? Do they have to hope they'll never see an ending after exposing their secrets to a world that doesn't believe them anyway? The Grays is the soundtrack to all the parts of the alien experience you'd never get on your own.

Listen to it. Think about the times you may have met them or their clones. Think about how your own government may have been privy to the party. Observe Grays by Soshiant and expand your awareness, otherwise, you could become one of their Cosmic Echoes. According to Conspiracy! The Show, that's where the body mutilation begins.

Be safe out there.

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