What are the effects of music on the brain?

Music affects the brain in all possible ways. It can make us dance or cry. Music is able to change our mood in a matter of minutes or make us learn better or even overcome an illness. But how music affects our brain?

Twenty years ago it was believed that music affects the right side of the brain and the language affects the left side. But due to the new, more sensitive technological scanners, we now know that music affects all parts of the brain.

The left part and the right part of the brain both get activated while listening to music. Music goes on in both halves of the brain, the left and the right, the front, and the back, the inside, and the outside.

When music enters your ears and then changes into signals for your brain to analyze it. We are going to talk about some parts of the brain and the effect that music has on them.

The Auditory Cortex: starts to track the loudness, pitch, rhythm, timbre, and even the direction of the music.

The Visual Cortex: usually gets in action for reading music (for musicians) and watching the concert or video clip.

The Motor Cortex: activates as you tap your feet or snap your finger or does any movement based on the rhythm of the music.

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The Cerebellum: initiates the emotional responses and even if you are not aware of it, it affects the motor cortex that leads to some, body movements, whether dancing or just moving your hand slightly with the music.

The Hippocampus: the memory system in this part of the brain starts to search and find a memory in its bank to relate it with the music you are listening to. And at the same time starts to record a new memory.

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The Frontal Cortex or Frontal Lobe: this part is responsible for creativity and thinking. When listening to music it also starts to detect the language qualities even if you are listening to instrumental music, there are many characteristics that your brain recognizes the same as the language.

Regardless of what kind of music you are hearing it affects all parts of your brain and thus your body. Music can make us dance, headbang, give us chills or even makes us cry.

There is no area of the brain that music does not touch in some way. It affects all the brain more or less. Dependent on the genre of music that you are listening to and the situation you have when listening to it, the effects on each part of the brain will be different.

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