What happened to the ringtone?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Not many years ago, the ringtone was an important part of our daily life. But as time passed by, we forgot the importance of it and now most of us just use the default ringtones that come with our devices.

Ringtones were so important that there were lots of personality tests based on them. People used a different ringtone for each group of their contacts. Many artists started composing ringtones and actually sold them on iTunes and other platforms and made a lot of money. Ringtone actually was being considered as a musical genre.

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The reasons ringtone was so important back then and are not today, both go back to economical matters.

As said in the previous paragraphs, ringtones were making a lot of money for all kinds of companies. Slowly companies started to have their own special voice tag.

What is the definition of the voice tag and the jingle?

Voice tags and jingles are as important as a logo for a company. They show their identity in sounds. Of course, there were voice tags before too. We all remember the ringtone of Nokia. But companies started to focus on their special voice tag and ran lots of marketing campaigns on them.

Time passed and we got to the point where people actually preferred to use their iPhone’s default ringtone in order for others to know that they have an iPhone when it rings. And did not stop on the mobile companies. Every app that started working presented its own voice tag. Some even didn’t let you change the default ring tone. As Viber or Skype.

All these marketing campaigns got people to the point where they no longer cared bout their ringtones. Today ringtones represent the companies instead of people. Today when your phone rings you prefer to know what app is ringing that who is actually calling.

We should not also forget the fact that people prefer not to call anymore. Sending a text message via social media apps is more acceptable for people than to voice calls.

But still, there are people out there who prefer to choose their own ringtones. And from time to time they prefer to change their ringtone. If you are one of those people, you can check out our ringtones that are downloadable for free.

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In the end, let’s talk about the ringtone as a musical genre. The ringtone can be in any mood or genre of music, but it has some qualities for itself too:

  • The length of a ringtone is almost a minute

  • It can not be a piece of ambient sounding music where you can’t hear it easily

  • It must have a memorable melodic or rhythmic element

  • Usually, it’s an instrumental track

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