What kind of music is New Age?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

New Age music is a style that can be defined as a feeling and mood over a piece of music. New Age music is an optimistic relaxation atmosphere in music.

New Age style can be in any genre, this style is defined by its feelings and atmosphere rather than by genre and instrument. A new age piece can be acoustic or electronic or a combination of both. The variety of new age music is from classical to chill house pieces.

The borders of the new age are so blurry, there are not definite characteristics to define this style. But we can mention these qualities for the new age music:

  • Artistic inspiration and optimism in the piece.

  • Ambient feeling atmosphere.

  • Smooth melody.

  • Slow and steady rhythm.

  • Smooth harmonic transitions.

  • World music characteristics.

New Age music is mostly used for meditation and relaxation. The ambient atmosphere and the positive feeling in the music makes it suitable for meditating.

Peaceful music and its effects on your mind

There are several styles and genres that can be considered as the alternative names for the new age, or as its sub-genres.

  • Environmental

  • Healing

  • Meditation

  • Nature

  • Relaxation

  • Travel

In some sources, even Bio Music is considered to be a subgenre of the new age.

The complete list of music genres

There are many artists whose repertoire is an important part of the new age music. Among them we can name:

  • Enya

  • Kitaro

  • Yanni

  • Era

  • Vangelis

  • Jean-Michael Jarre

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If you had a rough day, new age music is one of the best ways to organize your mind and bring peace into your mind. You can also listen to this style while doing something that needs focus, like reading a book. Of course, in that case, it is more preferable to listen to instrumental new age music.

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