What to listen to in times of Corona?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Music can be used as a replacement to cure many diseases, especially mental illness in stressful times.

The powerful effect of music on the human mind is undeniable. Music therapy is a known science and right now many doctors use music instead of pills and drugs to cure their patients, especially for mental health subjects.

The Coronavirus has become a worldwide phenomenon now, and whether we want it or not, it is threatening our mental health as well as our physical health. You can wear masks and wash your hands and do social distancing to prevent yourself from getting infected by the virus and stay healthy. But unfortunately, this is not all. Social media, news, blogs, youtube videos, and many other media via television and the internet are threatening your mental health by bringing to you a constant stream of bad news. This is inevitable to know about the virus in order to protect ourselves from being infected by it, Therefore the stress that comes with the news affects our mental health. One of the best ways to release this stress is to listen to music.

Here arises the question, what music should I listen to for releasing from stress?

Generally, everybody believes that calm instrumental music is the best option for relieving your stress. This statement is not as true as it sounds. The rhythmic and harmonic elements of music affect each person in a certain way, these factors are effective on your perception of music:

  • the culture and society you grew up in.

  • your age.

  • your current state of mind.

  • your memories with certain tunes, rhythms or harmonic progressions.

So you must find the calm music that is suitable for you. Yes, there is much music that is accepted by the majority of people to be calming, they are curated as easy-listening music, calm music, chill music or peaceful music. And yes listening to that kind of music really makes you calm, but it does not mean that they are the best options for you.

Calm music and its effect on the brain

So how do we know if a piece of music is really calming for us or not? The best way is to find an expert on music therapy to study and give us the best music possible. But as it is not possible for everybody to find an expert, here is a personal test you can do on a track and see if it calms you or not.

  • You must be able to listen to that track with a loud sound without getting goosebumps.

  • It must feel familiar for you, even if it's the first time you are listening to this track.

  • You must be able to talk with somebody while this music is being played, even if it contains vocals.

  • The music should not have a lot of ups and downs, if you are listening to it at midnight, you shouldn’t have to change the volume up and down in order to hear it good and don’t bother the neighbors at the same time. It should have a constant volume.

  • You must be able to fall asleep listening to this music and don’t wake up because of it.

  • You must be able to do your daily routine, like reading and have this music as a background sound without being interrupted by it.

The best person who can find calming music for you is you. If you get calm by heavy metal music, don’t feel weird about it and just use it. Not everyone should be calmed with J.S Bach's instrumental music. Make a playlist for yourself and don’t be afraid to add new tracks and test them. Time will tell you how calming they are for you. Try to edit your playlist, add and delete music from it till you find the best suitable music for your relaxation and stress releasing time.

Best music for you and your child

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