When is it too late to start learning an instrument?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

People start thinking about learning a musical instrument after the age of thirty. Is it late then to start learning? How old is it too old to start learning a musical instrument?

While some say that it is never late to start learning a musical instrument, others might say that after the age of ten, it is meaningless to start learning an instrument and it’s too late after that. You can hear both of these arguments. But which is correct and why?

10 reasons you should start learning an instrument today

Well, actually the answer depends on you and your instrument of choice. What are you planning to achieve by learning an instrument? Are you just a hobbyist or you are serious? How serious are you? Do you like to hold serious concerts? Or just play for friends and family?

If you are planning to have your life depend on your musical skills and you want to start it from scratch at the age of thirty, maybe it’s better to reconsider your decision. Still keep in mind that it is not totally impossible, but it is safe to say that it is almost impossible.

If you are looking at playing an instrument as a hobby, maybe just don’t. Music may seem fun when listening to it, but playing it is a totally different world. Yes everybody wishes to be able to play the piano when they hear Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, especially if they hear it live. But that is not enough motivation for learning the piano. Though it is always good to learn something new, if you jump into learning something that might be too hard for you, you will end up more depressed than happy. Remember that having a musical instrument in the corner of your apartment that never gets to be played by you, is not a good scene to see every day.

But if you are motivated enough, and have enough time for practicing, and also you are not daydreaming about how famous you are going to be and how much everybody is going to love you after your performances, then it is never too late. Maybe you start learning an instrument at the age of forty and end up being one its greatest virtuosos in the world after twenty years, that totally in the realm of possibility, but the cliche that always happens is that you are going to learn some famous piece, your friends and family will be proud of you after you play those pieces and that's it. You will not go further.

every day that passes by keeps you further away from your dream of learning an instrument. If you think about it too often, just don’t postpone it anymore. Choose your instrument and start learning it.

what instrument should I start learning?

After all, learning an instrument has a lot of positive effects on your mental and even physical health. Just think about it twice before jumping into it under the sudden influence of your feelings.

is learning a musical instrument good for me?

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