which microphone should I buy?

Deciding to buy which microphone for a home studio can be very frustrating. The heart of a home studio is its microphone, and due to the variety of choices, it makes it really hard to make a final decision.

To make a better choice first we should get familiar with different kinds of microphones and their qualities.

Dynamic and Condenser:

Dynamic mics work on the moving-coil principle, just like a loudspeaker but in reverse. they have mechanical durability in their favor, also cost-effectiveness and a solid, punchy sound that works well for guitar, bass, and drums, as well as other loud instruments such as brass. The best place to use these microphones is in live concerts.

On the other hand, Condensor microphones are more sensitive and need a power source in order to record.

Dynamic microphones are better for capturing loud sounds such as drums, but condenser microphones are better with more delicate sounds, such as an acoustic guitar.

Diaphragm Size:

A microphone diaphragm is a thin membrane that moves with the change in air pressure, the same thing that is in our ears and lets us hear the sound just by translating the air pressure to hearing signals.

Diaphragms are better when they are bigger, they can capture the sound with higher quality and are more sensitive against the smallest pressures.

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Polar Pattern:

The polar pattern is the shape that shows where a microphone will gather the sound from. There are different types of patterns that each can be suitable for a specific situation.

Generally, closed patterns are better for open-air and places with lots of noise and open patterns are better for studio-like atmospheres.

Now that we are more familiar with the microphones, let’s talk about your choice. In order to choose the best microphone for yourself, first, think about these elements:

  • How much money do you want to spend?

  • Do you have an acoustic room?

  • Is your room noisy or quiet?

  • What is your main activity with your microphone?

  • Do you have a sound card?

  • Do you want to carry your microphone everywhere?

As you can see different answers to these questions will end up with different choices. But we are going to recommend you a microphone anyways.

If you are somebody who is always on the road and record different stuff in nature, or going to places to record an interview with certain people, we recommend you to buy a recording device instead of a microphone. This way you don’t have to take your laptop everywhere with you. Our recommendation for you is the “Zoom H6 handy recorder”.

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But if you are a podcaster, recording in your home, or an independent musician who hold live concerts from their home, or records music in the home, then you better buy a microphone. Our recommendation is the Blue snowball microphone. A small condenser microphone with three recording patterns, high-quality recording, plug and play capability, USB port, and reasonable price.

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Of course, there are many other options out there and based on your situations, the better option for you might be different from our recommendation. But these two recommendations will give an acceptable, if not a perfect, result in almost every situation.

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