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Tunitemusic, Where calming meets art!

Tunitemusic is constantly releasing music into the world. As an independent record label and music publisher based in Tallinn, Tunitemusic has had the opportunity to work with immensely talented musicians., helping them record and release their music. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest albums and single releases. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or remarks.

7 June 2024

"Teleion" by Lopez & Arevalos embarks on a transcendent voyage through the echoes of ancient Greece. With delicate piano compositions and ethereal vocals, the duo resurrects fragments of millennia-old melodies, infusing them with contemporary vigor. This evocative blend of past and present offers listeners a unique musical odyssey, where classical elegance meets modern innovation. Through their heartfelt interpretations, Lopez & Arevalos breathe new life into age-old tunes, inviting audiences to rediscover the timeless enchantment of ancient Greek music. Experience the magic of "Teleion" as it bridges the gap between antiquity and modernity in a symphony of sonic exploration.

Teleion LQ.jpg
Whispers of the string.jpg

Fouad Samiei
Whispers of the String

2 February 2024

"Embark on a transcendent odyssey with Fouad Samiei's 'Whispers of the String.' This evocative EP, released on February 2, 2024, unfurls a captivating tapestry where the enchanting sounds of the Tar, an Iranian traditional instrument, interweave with ambient melodies. Samiei, a skilled musician and renowned film composer, invites listeners into a realm where the ancient echoes of Persian tradition meet the ethereal realms of New Age music. Each of the three pieces in this inaugural release of the 'Persian Trilogy' beckons with whispered tales, drawing you into a sonic landscape that transcends borders. Let the strings guide you through a spellbinding fusion of cultural richness and contemporary artistry."



1 September 2023

In the boundless expanse of music, "Grays" by Soshiant emerges as a celestial masterpiece, beckoning listeners to embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the cosmos. This debut album, released under the Tunitemusic label, is an immersive exploration of electronic ambient and chill-beat music, comprising eight captivating tracks that transcend the boundaries of conventional sound. "Grays" is more than an album; it's a transformative journey that ignites curiosity and wonder, leaving you entranced by the limitless possibilities of sound and space.

La Folia.jpg

Matteo Ramon Arevalos
La Folia

12 May 2023

This breathtaking solo piano work is a true testament to his virtuosity as both a pianist and composer. Released under the prestigious Tunitemusic record label, the album takes you on an emotional journey through the captivating theme and variation form, exploring the depths of the seven sins.
"La Folia" is nothing short of a contemporary classical music masterpiece, showcasing Matteo's extraordinary talent as a composer and pianist. If you appreciate virtuosic solo piano works and crave an emotional journey through the seven deadly sins, this album is an absolute must-listen.

Viktoria Kryukova

13 January 2023

This album is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys music since it features exquisitely crafted tunes and a variety of instrumentation that ranges from classical orchestral instruments to contemporary synthesizers.
Winter, which is based on the violin concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, is a masterpiece that Viktoria Kryukova has reimagined for contemporary ears.


Vincent Roy

11 November 2022

Vincent Roy has been producing music for a while and remains true to his personal style. He puts much effort into the complexity of his tracks, but he also is mindful of keeping things at a level that anyone can enjoy. 
With the help of modulators, he has created a single track that is succinct yet cohesive. From the opening seconds, we are taken on an emotional journey with Vincent Roy to explore his musical thoughts.


7 October 2022

Tunitemusic's new single track is a solo piano with the softest sound, remixed by Viktoria Kryukova and released by the Tunitemusic record label. If you're feeling lonely and lost, Try forsaken. Let the soothing, soulful sounds of this track wash over you and bring your spirit back to life. Tunitemusic's new single has an ambient soundscape which for sure, will be a favorite among slow music lovers. This is the perfect song for a day-to-day mellow drive or just a nice relaxing walk alone in the rain.


Viktoria Kryukova

23 September 2022

Ageless is a new-age album consisting of eight soothing tracks based on the classical masterpieces of the baroque era maesteros, Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Pachelbel.
This album is one of the most anticipated releases in the history of the Tunitemusic record label. That’s saying a lot considering some of the incredibly successful past recordings of this Record Label. So much has gone into the making and publicity surrounding this release, and Tunitemusic record label is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project.

High Altitude

12 August 2022

Soshiant's new track is a transcendental experience. He takes you on an aural journey with his hypnotizing melody, complimented by instrumentation and an eclectic mix of genres, beginning with an atmospheric intro. You slowly drop down the rabbit hole into a dark, heavy bass-filled drop that will go hard in the club or in your headphones.
High Altitude is Soshiant's first official release, produced and published by the Tunitemusic record label.

High Altitude.jpg

14 July 2022

Viktoria Kryukova's first official release is a new wave and chill-out EP album published by the Tunitemusic record label.
This is the most "good feeling" album released by Tunitemusic so far. this album is a narrative of the artist telling a story of travel and hope for new opportunities.

The Ukrainian musician, Viktoria Kryukova, is Tunitemusic's up-and-coming artist who is immensely talented and dazzles her audience with her "good feeling" music.

Painting your voice

17 June 2022

This album is one of the most expressive releases of the Tunitemusic record label. So much has gone into the making and publicity surrounding this release, and the Tunitemusic record label is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project. different artists debuted on this release including Vincent Roy, Arashk Azizi, and Viktoria Kryukova.

Painting your voice.jpg
Dancing Leaf low.jpg

Hamed Habibpour
Dancing Leaf

13 May 2022

Tunitemusic record label is known for releasing singles and albums people love listening to. This is one of their latest releases which they hope will soon be shooting up the music charts. Hamed Habibpour is back with his soothing middle eastern music. this incredible calming single track, has Setar as its main instrument which is accompanied by western electronic background.

Vincent Roy
Morning Haze

15 April 2022

This is one of the newest releases courtesy of the Tunitemusic record label, Morning Haze is a different piece from Vincent Roy. in this amazing and good feeling single track, he goes a bit away from ambient music and experiments with a more melodic piece of music in the new age style. though the spirit of Vincent's music is still there and if you are a fan of his music, it is guaranteed that you will love this one too!

Morning Haze low.jpg
Gizeh low.jpg

DJ Floyd Pro.

18 March 2022

DJ Floyd Pro is an immensely talented musician in the electronic music genre. "Gizeh" is his first cooperation with Tunitemusic. this chill-out track is an ambient electronic piece in a down-beat style, full of atmospheric sounds.

Arashk Azizi

11 February 2022

Piano Poem in c-sharp minor Op,7 "Tranquil" is a solo piano piece written and performed by Arashk Azizi. this relaxing piano piece is a one-movement contemporary classical piano solo in an ambient style, suitable for the background of your chors.

Tranquil Low.jpg
Songs for the middle east.jpg

Hamed Habibpour
Songs for the Middle East

23 July 2021

This album is one of the most exotic-sounding releases from Tunitemusic so far. Hamed Habibpour is an Iranian musician and multi-instrumentalist who lives in Istanbul. in this soothing, new age style album, he experiments with different instruments and sounds from the vast culture in the Middle East.

Arashk Azizi

11 June 2021

Piano Poem in C minor, Op. 6 "Cascade" is the latest composition by Arashk Azizi, who started the form of Piano Poem. in this solo piano, he explores notes through an emotional piece.

cascade mid.jpg
Navaei Low.jpg

Arashk Azizi

14 May 2021

Variation on a Persian theme, Op. 5 "Navaei" is the 6th official release and second single track by Arashk Azizi. this piece is a solo piano piece in the style of late romantic music, based on a folk song named "Navaei" from the "Greater Khorasan" today's northeast Iran and west Afghanistan.

Vincent Roy

9 April 2021

Elektronika is Vincent Roy's second album, containing eight electronic tracks. the pieces are in ambient style, and the album has a soothing and calming mood. The tracks have excellent quality, the mix, and the mastering are done superbly. The vintage synths sounds will impress your ears.

An Estonian Winter.jpg

Vincent Roy
An Estonian Winter

25 November 2020

An Estonian Winter is the first official EP album by Vincent Roy. This album started as an audio-visual project and after Vincent moved from France to his new City, Tallinn, he started composing the pieces based on the peace and calmness he found in his new living environment. An Estonian Winter is the artist's first impression of nature in Estonia, turned into sounds.

Arashk Azizi
Still Moment

22 November 2020

"Still Moment" is the first Piano Poem by Arashk Azizi. the objective of the Piano Poem form is to take the audience through an emotional journey. this form contains the main theme with several variations with a feeling of improvisation. the general mood of the pieces is emotional as in a Nocturne.

Still Moment-min.jpg
Rain Piano.jpg

Rain Piano

30 October 2020

Rain Piano is a soothing EP album, consisting of six solo piano tracks with a calming rain sound in the background. the pieces of this album are written by different composers and musicians and it is compiled in an album under the artist name of Tunitemusic.

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