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Helping artists find their voice

Tunitemusic supports artists from all over the world as they explore new sounds and build up their careers. We take care of publishing, production, distribution, and marketing for our musicians, so they can focus on the thing that matters most: creating great music. Tunitemusic record label is committed to channeling its passion for music and variety while facilitating the growth of each artist that they represent. simply releasing music is something that can be done easily these days, and it is Tunitemusic's goal as a publisher to find a market for the immense talent of its artists, to give them the recognition they deserve.
The label’s roster of signed talent definitely reflects this diversity. Tunitemusic has released various albums and single tracks with some of the most talented musicians around the globe as a record company. the journey is yet to continue and it is Tunitemusic's objective to find and cooperate with new talents in different styles every day.

Heldeke 2.jpg

Vincent Roy

Folk Ambient Artist
Multi Instrumentalist

Viktoria Kryukova low.jpg

Viktoria Kryukova

Multi instrumentalist

Soshiant profile.jpg


Multi instrumentalist

DJ FLoyd Profile Picture .jpg

DJ Floyd Pro.

Music Producer
Music Supervisor
Visual Performer

Arashk Azizi.jpg

Arashk Azizi

Classical Composer
Music Producer
Film Composer


Hamed Habibpour

Multi Instrumentalist

Tunitemusic is a record label that's working hard to represent the best of what's out there. We're always looking for new talent, no matter how big or small.

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