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Music Producer
Music Supervisor
Visual Performer

DJ Floyd Pro is a musician and multi-instrumentalist in the electronic music genre. His experience and years of work with Synthesizer have helped him find a unique style in House music.

DJ Floyd Pro.

DJ Floyd Pro. has long been inspired by the diverse array of sounds crafted by fellow artists, prompting him to embark on a mission to carve out a unique sonic landscape that reflects his personal perspective on the world.

Primarily known as an electronic musician, DJ Floyd Pro. encompasses a wide range of styles including Space House, Deep House, Progressive House, Euro House, and Electronic Chillout. His versatility knows no bounds, extending beyond electronic music to include proficiency in playing multiple acoustic instruments.

Moreover, DJ Floyd Pro. is highly regarded as a film music composer, boasting extensive experience in creating captivating jingles and sound logos for various advertisements and video announcement clips. His creative prowess spans across different mediums, showcasing his ability to transcend genres and mediums with finesse.

DJ Floyd Pro.


DJ Floyd Pro's complete set of music

DJ Floyd Pro. has been working in the realm of sound and music for a long while. though his first official single track has been released in 2020. this amazing electronic musician is mainly active as a live performer. though you can find a lot of his works on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.


Chill-out beats

Gizeh is DJ Floyd Pro's second official release and his first single track produced and released by Tunitemusic. this amazing chillout downbeat piece has been released in 2022. the music has a catchy melody hovering on a sea of sounds created by Floyd.

Don't Cry for Me

Space House

Don't cry for me is a ten minutes long house track with an atmospheric and uplifting mood. this track has been released in 2020 by Zang Records.

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