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Classical Composer
Film composer

Matteo Ramon Arevalos is a talented musician, composer, and pianist known for his expertise in contemporary classical music, original soundtracks for movies, and collaboration with prestigious theater companies.

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Matteo Ramon Arevalos, an accomplished composer and pianist, started his musical journey at the age of six as a drummer, but later shifted his focus to the piano. He won the National Piano Competition Agorà in Rome in 1994, and earned his diploma in piano from the Conservatory Bruno Maderna in Cesena with full marks and honors in 1995. He continued his piano instruction in Vienna and New York before studying composition in Rome, Lugano, and Paris. Matteo has published two piano compositions and has performed with various theater companies and festivals, specializing in contemporary classical music. He has collaborated with film directors in composing and performing original soundtracks for movies and has composed music for theater performances. Matteo is currently engaged in a contemporary music project for a piano solo called Per Piano and working on his own compositions for piano solo and for video prepared piano entitled La Folia and Metamorphosis. He has participated in various festivals, including the Venice Biennale and Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, and has worked with ondist Bruno Perrault and ondist Nadia Ratsimandresy in producing music for performances.

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Matteo Ramon Arevalos' complete set of music

Matteo is an active classical composer and pianist who has released several albums and single tracks so far. his ambition for music has helped him walk on the path of success as a composer and performer.

You can read more about him on Matteo Ramon Arevalos' official website.

Classical Piano

Matteo Ramon Arevalos' latest release, "La Folia," is a stunning solo piano work that showcases his virtuosity as a pianist and composer. Released by the Tunitemusic record label, the album features a theme and variation form that takes the listener on an emotional journey through the seven sins. The album opens with the main theme, which is then transformed through seven variations that explore different moods, tempos, and textures.

Arevalos' technical skill as a pianist is evident in each track, as he effortlessly navigates intricate arpeggios, trills, and runs. However, what truly sets this album apart is his ability to convey a range of emotions through his playing, from the hauntingly beautiful “La Folia” to the frenzied and chaotic "Avarice & Anger."

The album's cover art, designed by Vanni Cuoghi, perfectly captures the beautiful and mesmerizing madness within the music.

"La Folia" is a masterpiece of contemporary classical music that showcases Matteo Ramon Arevalos' incredible talent as a composer and pianist. The album is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates virtuosic solo piano works and wants to be taken on an emotional journey through the seven deadly sins.

"La Folia" stands as a contemporary classical music masterpiece, brilliantly highlighting Matteo Ramon Arevalos' extraordinary prowess as both a composer and pianist. This album is essential for enthusiasts of virtuosic solo piano compositions, offering a captivating expedition into the realm of the seven deadly sins. Through each composition, Arevalos paints a vivid and indelible picture of humanity at its most intense, prompting listeners to confront their own profound impulses and yearnings.

Classical Pianist

Delve into the tapestry of music by Matteo on his Spotify artist profile.

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