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La Folia

This breathtaking solo piano work is a true testament to his virtuosity as both a pianist and composer. Released under the prestigious Tunitemusic record label, the album takes you on an emotional journey through the captivating theme and variation form, exploring the depths of the seven sins.
"La Folia" is nothing short of a contemporary classical music masterpiece, showcasing Matteo's extraordinary talent as a composer and pianist. If you appreciate virtuosic solo piano works and crave an emotional journey through the seven deadly sins, this album is an absolute must-listen.

"La Folia," a solo piano album by virtuoso pianist and composer Matteo Ramon Arevalos, is a 2023 release under the Tunitemusic record label that offers a profoundly dark and emotionally stirring interpretation of a centuries-old theme. Originally a Spanish song from 1672, "La Folia" has been revisited by numerous composers including Vivaldi, Lully, and Corelli. However, Arevalos’ rendition stands apart, bringing a fresh, unsettling dimension to the piece.

An Uneasy Piano Journey

Arevalos’ version of "La Folia" is a piano-centric exploration that diverges significantly from its historical predecessors. Where previous interpretations might evoke a sense of familiarity and historical continuity, Arevalos plunges the listener into a soundscape that is both horrifying and compelling. The album's opening track, "La Folia (Theme)," sets a tone of melancholic restlessness, its melody leaping between octaves in a manner that instills unease. Arevalos’ virtuosic technique is evident as he navigates these shifts, building an atmosphere thick with tension.

The Seven Deadly Sins Explored

The album is structured around the theme of the seven deadly sins, each piece delving into the emotional and psychological states these vices evoke:

  • Pride & Envy: This track employs contemporary harmonies and jarring rhythms to create a tense, modern soundscape. The precision of Arevalos' playing conveys the discomfort and turmoil of a mind consumed by these destructive emotions.

  • Lust: Soft and seductive, this piece captures the essence of desire and longing. Arevalos' delicate, nuanced playing evokes a sense of vulnerability and haunting beauty.

  • Gluttony: Marked by a vibrant, energetic mood, this track's melodic richness reflects the excess and indulgence characteristic of gluttony. Arevalos' confident and dynamic performance brings this piece to life.

  • Sloth: The calmest yet harmonically dissonant track, "Sloth" features gentle, meditative playing that creates a peaceful yet unsettling atmosphere of resigned inactivity.

  • Avarice & Anger: The album closes with a dark, tense piece that crescendos into a chaotic frenzy. Arevalos’ fierce and unrelenting playing embodies the destructive force of greed and anger, leaving a visceral impression on the listener.


A Sensory and Psychological Experience

Arevalos' "La Folia" is an immersive experience designed to provoke a deep emotional response. The pianist’s intent is clear: to make the listener uncomfortable, to push them to confront their fears and darker impulses through the unsettling beauty of his music. Each note feels like a deliberate jab, each harmonic progression like a thickening fog around the ears, intensifying the listener's sense of disconcertion.

Visual and Sonic Harmony

The album’s impact is further enhanced by the stunning cover art created by Vanni Cuoghi. The visual elements perfectly complement the album’s themes, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue. Cuoghi's artwork encapsulates the mesmerizing madness of "La Folia," making the album a complete sensory experience.


A Masterpiece of Contemporary Classical Music

"La Folia" by Matteo Ramon Arevalos is a masterful example of contemporary classical music. It showcases Arevalos' extraordinary talent both as a composer and a pianist, and is a must-listen for anyone interested in virtuosic solo piano works. The album challenges the listener to explore the extremes of human nature and emotions, making it a haunting and unforgettable journey. Whether you approach it with trepidation or curiosity, "La Folia" is a testament to the power of music to evoke, disturb, and ultimately, resonate deeply within the human soul.

La Folia wants you to hear it. It wants you to feel its off-putting jabs at the piano.

Kültür Müzik

"Strong style"

Island Music

"Wonderful performance, excellent composition, and
great technicality"
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