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Multi Instrumentalist

Hamed Habibpour is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Istanbul, Turkey. his main style is Iranian Traditional music. the music of the middle-east and its wonderful instruments has always amazed Hamed.

Hamed Habibpour

In his debut independent release, "Santur ile Anadoludan Esintiler," Hamed showcases his own arrangements of some of the most beloved songs from the Middle East, performed on the Santur.

"Bahar Santur" (Spring Santur) stands out as one of Hamed Habibpour's innovative projects, wherein he modifies the traditional Iranian Santur's sound by incorporating springs and other modifications. This second official release comprises eight original compositions, each dedicated to a city in the Middle East. Produced and published by the Tunitemusic OU record label, the album seamlessly blends elements of New Age, easy listening, and world music. The juxtaposition of Middle Eastern instruments with ambient and electronic sounds creates a captivating fusion that captivates the listener's attention.

Hamed Habibpour is a seasoned performer who has graced numerous festivals across various countries, including Iran, Turkey, and Tunisia. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has contributed to several albums by esteemed musicians such as Milad Derakhshani, Vahid Taj, Armin Faridi, Mohammad Ghanbari, and Hussein Neyestan. While proficient in over 20 instruments, including percussions like the Dunbek, his expertise lies in mastering the Santur, the traditional Iranian zither.

Hamed Habibpour


Hamed Habibpour's complete set of music

The Iranian multi-instrumentalist and performer has spent most of his professional life on stages around the world. his first solo album was distributed internationally in 2020 and ever since Hamed is trying to create more music for the world.

Dancing Leaf

New Age

Dancing Leaf is Hamed Habibpour's first single track, released and produced by Tunitemusic. this amazing music contains a main melody, played by Setar, and an electronic accompaniment, creating a calming and positive atmosphere.

Songs for the Middle East

This new age ambient album was produced and published by Tunitemusic in 2021 and consists of eight relaxing and exotic tracks. Although all the music in this album is calming with a slow tempo, the stirring virtuosity in the performance of the instruments is obvious to any ear.

each of the tracks of the album is named after a city in the middle east, in order they are:

A song for Isfahan, A song for Cairo, A song for Konya, A song for Beirut, A song for Damascus, A song for Tabriz, A song for Erbil, and A song for Kabul.

you can read a full review of "Songs for the Middle Least" on our blog.

Santur ile Anadoludan Esintiler


Hamed Habibpour's first solo album is twelve tracks of his transcription and performance on some of the well-known traditional and folklore music of Iran and the middle east. this album was released in 2020 by Ahenk Müzik.

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