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Songs for the Middle East

"Songs for the Middle East" by Hamed Habibpour features eight oriental tracks, led by the Iranian instruments Setar and Santur in a new age style. Released in July 2021 and produced by Tunitemusic, the album blends traditional Middle Eastern melodies with ambient and electronic sounds. Hamed, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, seamlessly integrates these instruments to create soothing music ideal for relaxation, study, and sleep. Available on all digital platforms and Tunitemusic’s store, this album offers a unique auditory journey through the Middle East.

"Songs for the Middle East," by Hamed Habibpour, is a captivating blend of traditional Middle-Eastern music and contemporary new age elements. Released in July 2021 by Tunitemusic record label, this collection features eight tracks that highlight the distinctive sounds of the Iranian Setar and Santur. These instruments form the core of the album, delivering a unique fusion of ancient melodies and modern electronic harmonies.

Habibpour, a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, has meticulously crafted each piece to create an immersive auditory experience. Drawing from his deep knowledge of Iranian traditional music, he integrates the Setar and Santur (also written Santoor) with ambient and electronic backdrops, producing a soothing and evocative soundscape. This seamless integration results in music that is ideal for relaxation, study, and meditation, offering listeners a serene escape into the rich musical heritage of the Middle East.

Each track on the album is dedicated to a different city in the Middle East, including Isfahan, Cairo, Konya, Beirut, Damascus, Tabriz, Erbil, and Kabul. Through these compositions, Habibpour transports listeners to these diverse locales, evoking their unique cultural atmospheres with the Setar and Santur taking center stage.

The production of "Songs for the Middle East" showcases Habibpour's versatility and artistic vision. In addition to composing and performing all the tracks, he also took on the roles of arranger, mixer, and master of the album. His expertise ensures a consistent and high-quality listening experience throughout the album.

This album is available on all digital music platforms as well as in high-quality studio versions through Tunitemusic's store. "Songs for the Middle East" is not just an album but an auditory journey through the region, offering a modern take on traditional sounds that will captivate and soothe a global audience.

“'Songs for the Middle East' is a captivating blend of traditional Middle Eastern music and contemporary new age elements, offering a serene escape into the rich musical heritage of the region.”

Justin Robinson

"Lovely piece!"

Raighes Factory

"Beautiful and relaxing."
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