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Music Producer
Film Composer
Multi Instrumentalist

Fouad Samiei, an accomplished Iranian musician, Tar player, and film composer, weaves a rich tapestry of cultural and musical influences that transcend borders. Born in Tehran, Iran, Fouad's journey into the world of music began as a quest for self-discovery and artistic expression.

Fouad Samiei

Under the mentorship of maestros Kiawasch Saheb Nasaq and Sassan Mohebbi, he honed his skills, expanding his repertoire to include the realms of music composition and film scoring.

Fouad's cinematic journey started as an assistant composer, crafting compelling scores for screen productions, documentaries, trailers, and TV series. His innate ability to evoke emotions through music quickly established him as a sought-after film composer in Iran. The year 2019 witnessed the release of the "Incomplete Insanity" album, showcasing Fouad's ability to transcend traditional boundaries and create music that resonates on a profound level.

Currently residing in Bonn, Germany, Fouad continues to push artistic boundaries and explore new horizons. His collaborations with singers and musicians are a testament to his commitment to fostering a global musical dialogue. Renowned for his film compositions in Iran, Fouad's work reflects a synthesis of Persian traditional elements with contemporary influences, creating a unique and captivating sonic experience.

Notably, Fouad's impact extends beyond his solo projects. He remains an active force in the global music community, composing for singers and collaborating with musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds. His dedication to cross-cultural musical exploration exemplifies a commitment to breaking down barriers and unifying audiences through the universal language of music.

Fouad Samiei in concert


Fouad Samiei's complete set of music

Fouad is an active composer and producer who has released several albums and single tracks so far. his ambition for music has helped him walk on the path of success as a composer and performer.

Whispers of the String

New Age, Persian Traditional

Journey into the entrancing realms of Fouad Samiei's "Whispers of the String," an evocative EP that unveils a mesmerizing fusion of traditional Persian sounds and ambient tapestries. Released as the first chapter of the ambitious "Persian Trilogy," this musical odyssey transcends temporal and cultural boundaries. A virtuoso Tar player and esteemed film composer, Samiei orchestrates a captivating narrative through three compelling pieces. The Tar, a traditional Iranian instrument, takes center stage, weaving intricate melodies that dance harmoniously with ambient undertones. Samiei's creative prowess manifests in a sonic landscape where ancient echoes resonate with contemporary nuances, creating a seamless blend of heritage and innovation.

Immerse yourself in the serenade of the Tar, as Samiei guides you through whispered tales that transcend mere notes and rhythms. Let the strings resonate with the rich tapestry of Persian culture, echoing the artist's unwavering commitment to the boundless possibilities of musical expression. As each piece unfolds, discover a musical landscape where the strings tell stories that surpass language, inviting listeners into a realm where the universal language of music becomes a transformative experience.

Fouad Samiei

Iranian composer

Explore Fouad's entire musical collection on Spotify or delve deeper into his portfolio by visiting his personal website for a comprehensive understanding of his works.

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