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Arashk Azizi is a classical composer, music producer, pianist, and author from Iran currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia. His musical style is predominantly characterized by epic symphonic compositions. Even his piano pieces often exude the grandeur of symphonic music, although he also boasts a substantial repertoire of soothing and tranquil piano compositions.

Arashk Azizi

Arashk is an accomplished conductor with a diverse musical background, having also explored African instruments such as the Kora and Balafon. His experience as a conductor has significantly influenced his compositions, including his solo piano pieces, which bear traces of his orchestral vision.

Azizi's repertoire encompasses both piano and orchestral works, each offering distinct emotional and stylistic qualities. His piano compositions tend to evoke profound emotions akin to Nocturnes, whereas his orchestral pieces delve into storytelling, reminiscent of program music from the late Romantic era.

Notably, Arashk Azizi has pioneered a unique form known as the "Piano Poem," which bridges elements of a Nocturne and an Impromptu.

Furthermore, the narrative depth present in Arashk’s compositions, coupled with his background in studying cinema, renders his music highly suitable for cinematic purposes. He has contributed numerous soundtracks to feature films, short films, series, and TV shows, showcasing his versatility and ability to evoke mood and atmosphere through music.

Arashk Azizi


Arashk Azizi's complete set of music

Arashk is an active classical composer and producer who has released several albums and single tracks so far. his ambition for music has helped him walk on the path of success as a composer, producer, and performer.

"Esfandiyar" is a program symphony based on the epic of "Seven Labors of Esfandiyar" from the book of "Shahnameh" by the Persian poet Ferdowsi in the 10th century CE. The orchestration and rhythms of "Esfandiyar" can remind the audience of epic Hollywood soundtracks, although harmonically, this symphony can be called a contemporary classical piece.

Piano Sonata No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 8 "Rooftops"

A contemporary classical piano sonata by Arashk Azizi in four movements. this piece shows the immense talent of the composer in using modern and irregular rhythms in an utterly classical atmosphere.


Classical Piano

Tranquil is Arashk Azizi's fourth single track produced and released by Tunitemusic. this piano poem is a calming performance with smooth modulations in different keys.


Classical Piano

Cascade is a haunting yet calming piano poem, going through sounds with an ambitious drive. this piece has been produced and published by Tunitemusic in 2021.

Variations on a Persian Theme, Op. 5 "Navaei"

"Navaei" is Arashk Azizi's transcription of an Iranian folk song with the same name. this classically arranged piece was produced and published by Tunitemusic in 2021. the cover album has been designed based on the carpets of the same region as the song by Zohre Daneshfazli.

Piano Poem in G minor, Op.4 "Still Moment"

"Still Moment" is Arashk Azizi's first piano poem and the first release by Tunitemusic. this piece was released in 2020 is a thirteen minutes long piano solo, creating a unique atmosphere driven by an untold story.

Piano Adagios

Classical Piano

Arashk Azizi's fourth album is a set of ten famous piano pieces by well-known classical composers of different eras. Arashk performed all of these pieces based on his experience as a classical composer and tried to create a different transcription on these pieces. this album has been published in 2020.

Ten Nocturnes for Piano, Op. 3 "Insomnia"

Classical Piano

Insomnia is a set of Arashk Azizi's own classical compositions on solo piano. this album consists of ten nocturnes mainly in a calm mood, but some of the pieces can surprise you. Insomnia has been published in 2019.

Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 2 "The Day Silence Began"

Classical Piano

"The Day SIlence Began" is Arashk's first piano sonata in six movements. this stirring sonata has been published in 2018 by Yaletown Technologies Inc.

Symphony No. 1 in C-sharp minor, Op. 1 "In the Eternal Day"

Classical Symphony

Arashk Azizi's first release is a classical symphony in five movements. this program symphony is based on the book "the conference of the birds" by "Attar of Nishapur" (13th-century Persian poet).

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