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Multi Instrumentalist

Sohiant, also known as DJ Soshiant, is an electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist from Iran.
His main passion is Techno and chill-out music. Besides being predominant on synthesizers, he is a professional Harmonica and Electric Guitar player too.



The Iranian talented musician dazzles his audience with every release. his unique way of playing with sounds makes his audience longing to see what he is going to do next!




"Grays" by Soshiant, a mesmerizing debut album under Tunitemusic, offers a cosmic odyssey through eight tracks of electronic ambient and chill-beat music. Each composition, from the ethereal "Celestial Whisper" to the pulsating "Gray Puls," transcends conventional sound, inviting listeners on a journey into the mysteries of the cosmos. With a seamless fusion of synths, percussion, and ambient textures, Soshiant's artistry opens portals to uncharted realms, sparking curiosity and wonder. Beyond an album, "Grays" is a transformative experience, redefining the boundaries of music and space in under 90 captivating words.

High Altitude

Down tempo

"High Altitude" is Soshiant's first official release, published by Tunitemusic record label.

In this release, he created a soundscape combining different styles of electronic music like chill-out, downtempo and ambient. "High Altitude" can be considered all of these styles and at the same time none of them!

The ambient quality of the piece is not overwritten by the beats and soundscapes that follow.

You can listen to this piece on all digital platforms or download its high-quality version from Tunitmeusic's store.

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