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In the boundless expanse of music, "Grays" by Soshiant emerges as a celestial masterpiece, beckoning listeners to embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the cosmos. This debut album, released under the Tunitemusic label, is an immersive exploration of electronic ambient and chill-beat music, comprising eight captivating tracks that transcend the boundaries of conventional sound. "Grays" is more than an album; it's a transformative journey that ignites curiosity and wonder, leaving you entranced by the limitless possibilities of sound and space.

Prepare to embark on a celestial journey with "Grays," the debut album by Soshiant, released under the Tunitemusic label. This eight-track masterpiece is an exploration of electronic ambient and chill-beat music that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound, creating a unique auditory experience that feels like a sonic odyssey through the cosmos.

From the moment you launch "Grays," you are transported into a different-sounding world, rich with electronic synths and free percussion that create a form of hungry jazz for pirate psychics. The album opens with "Celestial Whisper," a track that evokes the ethereal whispers of the cosmos, setting the stage for the interstellar adventure that follows. Each track is a sonic journey into the unknown, blending ambient textures with rhythmic pulses that invite you to explore the mysteries of outer space and the depths of your own musical mind.

"Nebula Reverie (feat Viktoria Kryukova)" continues this exploration with an almost French house quality, reminiscent of Daft Punk's emotive storytelling in "Game of Love." The album's midsection, highlighted by "Interstellar Resonance" and "Cosmic Echoes," delves into the reverberations and resonances that connect celestial bodies, creating an atmosphere of introspection and wonder.

"Lunar Serenade" offers a moment of tranquility, cradling the listener in a gentle, moonlit embrace before transitioning to the nostalgic introspection of "Sentimental Gray." As the journey progresses, "Stellar Groove" propels you into a rhythmic cosmic dance, elevating your consciousness to the level of the album's titular beings, the Grays.

The album culminates with "Gray Puls," a collaboration between Soshiant and DJ Floyd Pro. This track encapsulates the complexity of human encounters with extraterrestrial life, raising profound questions about interspecies treaties and societal integration. It serves as a poignant reminder of the infinite possibilities and mysteries that the universe holds.

"Grays" by Soshiant is a transformative experience that challenges listeners to expand their awareness and contemplate the infinite mysteries of existence. It is a soundtrack to the alien experience, evoking the late-night curiosity and wonder often sparked by conspiracy theories and speculative documentaries. As you listen, allow yourself to ponder the times you may have encountered the unknown, and let the music guide you through the cosmic echoes of your imagination.

Experience "Grays" and let Soshiant's celestial soundscapes take you on a journey beyond the stars. Available now on all major streaming platforms. Be safe out there, and keep exploring.

Gobi Desert Collective

"Quality production where all elements work together well."

Inkognito Records

"Mellow sounding of the synths, great choice!"

Tome to the Weather Machine

"Nice sound design elements"
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