Multi Instrumentalist

Viktoria Kryukova is a musician and songwriter from Ukraine, residing in Poland. She plays the guitar professionally as well as the keyboard. She loves makeup and photography and tries to combine all her talents to express her innermost feelings with her audience.

Viktoria Kryukova

Viktoria's favorite style is New age and New wave. her music has a positive mood in general, this comes from her attitude towards life. she is a nature lover and traveler. she always tries to reach and touch the clouds and in her first official album "Clouds" she did it with her music.
Viktoria started music when she was a child and although music has always been a hobby for her, she started attending music more professionally in the past few years.
songwriting for several singers and playing live with her guitar or keyboard was the Kickstarter of her professional music journey.
Viktoria Kryukova's immense talent as a musician and a visual artist makes her a unique artist who can reach out to the audience through different media and combinations of different art forms. her ambition as an artist is to create a better world for everybody to live in, and in her view, art is the way to do it!

Viktoria Kryukova


Viktoria Kryukova's complete set of music

The Ukrainian talented musician dazzles her audience with every release. her new wave and positive music will continue as she progresses and matures in her own style!



New Wave

"Clouds" is Viktoria's first official release. this EP album contains three new wave tracks. she composed these pieces based on the hopes and fears she had when migrating from her hometown to Poland. the plane went through the clouds in the sky and gave Viktoria the idea that she is going through a gate, leaving a world behind, and starting a new adventure.
The album has a positive and calling mood and tells a story of hopes and dreams!