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Music Production Lessons From A Singer

Producing music when you have the skills to do so is often spoken of as one of the most outstanding things you can do.

The journey of Tunitemusic in 2022

As a young and independent record company, every year brings new challenges for our small team and the artists we work with.

How to Write a Song Like a Pro

Songwriting is the process of creating lyrics and music for songs.

Should I sell my music or give it away for free?

If you are good at something, don’t do it for free, but on the other hand, almost nobody wants to spend money to buy and download music.

How to get on playlists on Spotify?

Getting on a playlist with a high amount of followers on Spotify is every independent artist’s dream. But how?

How can I put my music on Spotify and Apple Music?

To distribute your music online through famous platforms like Spotify, you need to have an assigned label or in case you are an...

How to promote my music?

Every hour a thousand music tracks are uploaded on the main digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, and...

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