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For Those With Insomnia The Entire World Over

I can’t lie… right now, life right now has been a bit of a struggle for me. Since being diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2022.

How Music Can Change Our Perception of Time

The way we experience time is subjective and influenced by many factors, including our emotions, attention, and sensory input.

Is Music Therapy The Best Type Of Therapy For You

music therapy is the best kind of therapy there is. the idea of working with someone to do a more musical form of therapy is very appealing.

Music To Make Studying Even Easier

One of the most amazing things to happen to me is that after almost 20 years, I do more studying now than I ever did as a student.

Tune of the week: Spring by Erik N

Introducing Erik N: The Nordic Pianist Bringing Melodic and Peaceful Music to Your Ears.

More Music For The Dark of Night

I spend every night right now resting as best as I can. However, because of the various different types of medication I’m on.

Tune of the week: Lucent by SONORO

SONORO's music is pleasantly unique, fusing jazz, blues, and Latin rhythms with classical overtones.

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