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In their groundbreaking album "Teleion: Fragments of Ancient Greek Music," the dynamic duo Lopez & Arevalos embark on a mesmerizing journey to unearth the sounds of ancient Greece. Inspired by surviving fragments of melodies and texts, they breathe new life into age-old compositions, bridging the gap between past and present with their innovative interpretations.

TELEION - Fragments of Ancient Greek Music

Tunitemusic proudly presents "TELEION," the latest album by the dynamic duo Lopez & Arevalos. This unique musical project revives and reimagines some of the oldest surviving songs in history, drawing from the rich tapestry of ancient Greek music. The album offers a mesmerizing blend of classical and contemporary sounds, crafted to transport listeners on an evocative journey through time.

Artists: Lopez & Arevalos

Lopez & Arevalos are known for their captivating fusion of genres, seamlessly blending classical elegance with modern innovation. Their eclectic style spans from Latin rhythms to the enigmatic sounds of ancient Greek melodies. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to historical music, making it accessible and enchanting for contemporary audiences.

The Journey of TELEION

The creation of "TELEION" began with a deep dive into ancient Greek music, a genre shrouded in mystery due to the passage of millennia and the fragmentary nature of surviving pieces. Despite these challenges, artists and historians have made significant strides in reconstructing these ancient melodies. With the help of translator Dimitris Soukoulis, Lopez & Arevalos meticulously transcribed and translated ancient texts, preserving their essence while infusing them with modern sensibilities.

Dimitris Soukoulis, a Greek writer, poet, and visual artist, played a crucial role in this project. His expertise in classical literature and dedication to accurate translation ensured that the ancient texts retained their authenticity. Soukoulis’s poetic reflections on the album highlight the profound connection between the music, mythology, and human experience of ancient Greece.

The Music

"TELEION" features a rich tapestry of sounds, including piano, prepared piano, and various percussions. Lopez's enchanting vocals are complemented by Arevalos's intricate piano compositions. The use of a shruti box, tanpura, glass beads, and mosaic tesserae adds layers of texture, creating a soundscape that is both ancient and contemporary. This innovative approach breathes new life into age-old compositions, bridging the gap between ancient traditions and modern sensibilities.

Themes and Inspirations

The album delves into themes of divinity, fate, justice, and human fragility, inspired by the divine origins attributed to Greek music. These ancient melodies, once played on flutes and kitharas, are reimagined to evoke the emotions and stories of gods, heroes, and mortals. "TELEION" invites listeners to explore the timeless allure of Greek music and reflect on the universal truths that transcend time.

Release Details

"TELEION" is now available on all digital platforms, allowing a global audience to experience the enchanting sounds of ancient Greece. Tunitemusic is honored to support this extraordinary project and share the timeless melodies of "TELEION" with the world.

“Teleion” is a true rarity. Its uniqueness makes it one of the finest musical works of 2024. It is a gem in the world of music that should be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. Highly recommended.
The ancient Greek music that Lopez & Arevalos are presenting here needed not only to be deciphered. It was also carefully curated and required the appropriate interpretation. All of these things keep it alive. 
The 12-piece album has greatness bleeding from it at every step, and we remain entranced for every single second, until we close with “Hymn To The Sun”.
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