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Whispers of the String

"Whispers of the String" EP by Fouad Samiei blends Persian traditional music with New Age ambiance, featuring the captivating melodies of the Tar. This enchanting EP offers a unique auditory experience, weaving cultural richness with modern soundscapes. Perfect for fans of world music and ambient genres.

"Whispers of the String" is the captivating first installment of Fouad Samiei's ambitious "Persian Trilogy." This EP album marks a significant milestone in Samiei's illustrious career, blending the haunting beauty of Persian traditional music with the ethereal nuances of New Age ambiance. Comprising three evocative pieces, the album offers a unique auditory journey that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries.


  1. Whispering Echoes

  2. Serenade of the Strings

  3. Ethereal Melodies

Musical Composition:
At the heart of "Whispers of the String" is the Tar, a traditional Iranian instrument known for its rich, resonant tones. Fouad Samiei's masterful play brings this instrument to life, creating intricate melodies that are both nostalgic and innovative. Each track on the EP weaves the Tar's expressive sound with ambient music, producing a soundscape that is both immersive and transportive.

Whispering Echoes: This opening track sets the tone with its delicate interplay of the Tar and atmospheric sounds. It evokes a sense of timelessness, where each note whispers tales of ancient Persia.

Serenade of the Strings: The second piece is a melodic journey that highlights Samiei's virtuosity. The Tar leads with a serenade that is at once soulful and intricate, accompanied by a lush backdrop of ambient textures.

Ethereal Melodies: The final track brings the EP to a mesmerizing close. It features a harmonious blend of the Tar's resonant tones and otherworldly ambient sounds, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere.

Artistic Vision:
"Whispers of the String" is not just an EP; it is an invitation to experience the profound synergy of Persian tradition and modern music. Fouad Samiei, with his deep understanding of both worlds, crafts a narrative that speaks to the soul. His compositions are reflective of his journey from Tehran to Bonn, capturing the essence of his cultural heritage while embracing global musical influences.

Cultural Significance:
This EP is a testament to the rich musical heritage of Iran, brought into a contemporary context. It serves as a bridge between the past and the present, showcasing the timeless beauty of Persian music while exploring new artistic territories. The fusion of traditional and ambient elements creates a sound that is fresh yet familiar, appealing to a diverse audience.

"Whispers of the String" is a remarkable blend of cultural depth and innovative artistry. It sets the stage for the subsequent releases in the "Persian Trilogy," promising a continuing journey through the rich tapestry of Persian music. Whether you are a long-time admirer of Persian traditional music or a new listener seeking fresh sounds, this EP offers an enriching experience that resonates on multiple levels.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Whispers of the String" and let the strings of the Tar guide you through a musical landscape that is both ancient and modern.

“Whispers of the String” is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring new musical horizons. Samiei’s talent shines through in every track, making this EP a truly memorable experience. We really love his music and we’re super excited to see where his career will go over the coming months.
“Whispers of the String” stands as a testament to Fouad Samiei’s artistry and vision, offering a glimpse into the soul of Persian culture through the universal language of music.
The idea of ​​preserving the traditional and shining in the contemporary is a phenomenal success since it is a departure from the ordinary and an ingenious way to deepen our thoughts, in addition to allowing us to get a little closer to Iranian culture in a melodic way.
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