Bio music and its definition

Bio Music is music that a human being had no part in its creation except for the recording.

What is a classical symphony?

Symphony is one of the most sophisticated forms of instrumental music.

Ten must-see musicals

Here are Ten must-see musicals from the cinema, for you to watch.

Gizeh, atmospheric and melodic music

DJ Floyd Pro's second official track "Gizeh" is a piece of electronic chill-out music with a downbeat rhythm, published by Tunitemusic.

Which one came up first, music or language?

much evidence shows that music actually was first and the language added later as a simplified version of communication.

Frank Ocean - 'Endless'

‘’Endless’’ is the third project by California-based singer, rapper, and songwriter, Frank Ocean.

Top ten influential symphonies of all time

Symphonies are the highest glorious form of music, they contain the history, social situation, hopes, and fears of their time.

Ten most influential pieces of music in history.

Here are my picks for the ten most influential pieces of music after the invention of music notation as its form that we use today.

Should I sell my music or give it away for free?

If you are good at something, don’t do it for free, but on the other hand, almost nobody wants to spend money to buy and download music.

How to get on playlists on Spotify?

Getting on a playlist with a high amount of followers on Spotify is every independent artist’s dream. But how?

How can I put my music on Spotify and Apple Music?

To distribute your music online through famous platforms like Spotify, you need to have an assigned label or in case you are an independent artist, you should find a digital distributor first. If you have signed a contract with a label, probably you need not worry about how your music gets uploaded on digital platforms. Just read your contract, it is not like an app update’s agreement that you just agree and sign in. this is the contract over the ownership of your art, your s