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The Subtle Symphony: 'Elementary Play' by Joram Feitsma

"Elementary Play" is a captivating album comprising eleven instrumental pieces by the talented musician Joram Feitsma. This musical collection stands out with its innovative and genre-blending approach, combining elements of ambient, down-tempo, jazz, and classical music. Each track on the album boasts its own unique style and texture, yet there's a strong sense of unity that runs like a thread through the entire composition, creating a continuous and engaging musical experience.

Feitsma's mastery of composition and arrangement is evident throughout the album. The primary instrument that takes center stage in each piece is a muted ambient piano. This is not your typical classical piano; it's a versatile instrument that, at times, takes on an electronic quality. The piano is skillfully interwoven with a plethora of ambient and effective sound effects, creating a rich tapestry of soundscapes that define the distinctive character of "Elementary Play."

One of the remarkable aspects of this album is the use of sound effects, which not only enhance the timber of the pieces but also contribute to the overall unity of the album. Soundscapes from the end of one track seamlessly flow into the beginning of the next, blurring the boundaries between individual pieces. It's as if the entire album is a continuous musical event, allowing the listener to be immersed in a captivating sonic journey.

The opening track, "Nata," sets the tone with an arpeggio that acts as an ostinato, serving as a rhythmic foundation for a free-flowing melody that soars over it. This juxtaposition creates a sense of redemption and sets the stage for the journey that follows. The same texture reappears later in the album, in tracks like "Stucknessness" and partially in "Neer," reinforcing the sense of continuity and interconnectedness between the compositions.

"Abandon all hope" takes a different turn with its effective percussion and jazzy piano rhythms. This piece has a more classical appeal, offering a delightful contrast within the album. It showcases Feitsma's versatility as a composer and his ability to seamlessly transition between genres.

The title track, "Elementary Play," stands at the heart of the album, delivering a more ambient sound with a pronounced electronic influence. This piece serves as a testament to the artist's experimental approach and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional musical genres.

The album gracefully concludes with "Hesitance," a slow and ambient piece characterized by a minimalist piano. As the album reaches its conclusion, the listener is left in a state of awe, a moment for introspection and contemplation, which lingers even after the final note has faded.

"Elementary Play" by Joram Feitsma is not just another ordinary album of ambient music; it's a subtle symphony. Each track is a unique chapter in this sonic journey, contributing to a larger narrative that captures the imagination. If you're seeking an album that defies conventional boundaries and offers a seamless fusion of diverse musical elements, then "Elementary Play" is a must-listen.

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