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For Those With Insomnia The Entire World Over

I can’t lie… right now, life right now has been a bit of a struggle for me. Since being diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2022

I can’t lie… right now, life right now has been a bit of a struggle for me. Since being diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2022, I’ve been going through the ever-present explosion of brain surgery (complete with singing the Spice Girls), taking crazy types of drugs twice a day, and some pretty bad (and often violent) spaciness during a day that resulted in a broken pair of glasses. Luckily, thanks to writing every day and an iPhone game called Lumosity, I also get to enjoy a restoration of my mind, a new appreciation for what it can do, and an almost baffling ability to direct myself in directions I’ve always wanted to go.

In other words… brain cancer isn’t all bad. Sometimes it really can bring out the best in you.

Unfortunately, those daily drugs in particular mean that I have the same problem almost every night in 2023. Since the spaciness turned out to be late in an afternoon seizure, I ended up taking a steroid to halt that sort of activity. However, it wakes me up with the same need to rush to the bathroom almost 1 to 3 times a night. It’s gotten bad enough that my oncologist finally prescribed me some sleeping pills to help me get to bed on time. So the steroid basically keeps me awake at night. My doctor has turned me into an insomniac, and my hope is that the combination of sleeping pills and sleep music I pump into my room every night will be enough to help me get better results whenever I am under my bedsheets.

Best Deep Sleep Music For Insomnia

Despite any trouble, I’d find myself in over the years, I remember sleeping pretty well for most of my life. I generally got 7 to 8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and never needed the excuse to head to the bathroom during it. The good times never last too long, do they? Since the diagnosis, I’ve had to focus much harder on my sleep if I wanted to have a good and happy day ahead of me.

Rather than how I started, spending time to get eventually get involved in it, I’ve instead decided to expect to wake up around 1 to 3 am. If I’m ready for it to happen, it feels more like a plan and less like a mistake. I do this by preparing myself and sleeping earlier in the evening though sometimes I desperately hope that won’t make me wake up at 22:30 pm instead.

I have also been invited to try a more biphasic sleep pattern. That’s the type of sleep that our ancestors before street lights used to do. You’d go to sleep when the sun went down, wake up in the dead of night before going back to sleep and waiting for the sun to come back up. If I know I’m going to be awake and struggling for additional rest, I would rather give my additional hours over to writing or reading comics or surviving the internet. After a few hours awake, I can feel the tiredness creep back into my mind, and lead me directly to bed once again. Biphasic sleep patterns might be one of the only things that keep me resting close to correct at all.

To get the best instrumental sleep music, I often use an app with the speaker we’ve moved over to my side of the bed. Most recently I’ve tried a month with Mindspa, an Estonian app that uses biphasic sounds in order to aid with the amount of sleep you can get. It also comes with its own movie and the possibility of healing the rest of your life going forward. I learned this after narrating a book for the Mindspa owner very recently.

I am also a user of Apple Music which we use due to its deal-setting around itself with all manner of other apps you can use alongside it like Apple TV and Apple Drive. Unfortunately, you need to find your own biphasic sleep music yourself within the app. It’s not hard, but the songs are usually 2 to 3 minutes long. So for me, Apple doesn’t work quite as well as Mindspa, but you can unlock a lot more music for the same price a month and let it play along with you over the course of your entire sleeping period. Or you could also choose an app that is designed to help the inner you heal by using sound and giving yourself some new and interesting things to think about as you open your mind to new instrumentation of 30-minute to 3-hour sounds it provides to you.

The Struggle of Insomnia And The Life Outside It

Having insomnia and fighting one’s way through it is one of the worst problems a human can have. We all behave so small and insignificantly without proper sleep. Building a life outside of a world with little sleep is often asking a great deal of anyone. Hopefully, the combination of speakers, phones, and computer apps, all with the belief that someone out there can help us for only 9.99 euros a month may sometimes be all you need to rebuild a stronger sleep pattern. Let that music enrich your lifestyle and push us to a place of more and better sleep. That is certainly what I hope for with my own pattern of insomnia. Let’s try and get there together.


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