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Frameworks by Micah Pick

Updated: Mar 18

Frameworks by Micah Pick is a captivating instrumental album comprising eleven intricately crafted pieces that traverse the realms of classical and electronic music with an experimental flair. Reminiscent of the works of acclaimed artists like Nils Frahm, Aphex Twin, and Allesandro Cortini, the album mesmerizes listeners with its unique fusion of familiar piano melodies and electronic effects.

The journey begins with "Have This Mind," an ethereal opening track featuring a piano tuned to a microtonal scale. This unconventional tuning, coupled with electronic ambient elements, sets a mesmerizing tone, drawing listeners into an otherworldly soundscape. "Glacial Requiem" follows suit with a hauntingly beautiful melody, evoking an eastern ambiance through its uncommon melodic progression.

As the album progresses, each track unveils its own distinct atmosphere and emotion. "Broken Trellis" exudes a sense of melancholy, with the piano echoing amidst monumental atmospheric layers, while "Shapes and Shade" immerses listeners in a dramatic sonic landscape crafted through atmospheric electronic pads.

A standout piece, "Chiastic Crux," seamlessly blends electronic textures with intricate piano harmonies, showcasing Pick's masterful composition skills. Meanwhile, "Afterwind" evokes serene and contemplative moods, utilizing nature-inspired soundscapes to enrich the listening experience.

"Earth Everlasting" follows, enveloping listeners in an ambient mood that seamlessly transitions into "Be Interlude," characterized by a powerful atmospheric electronic pad. Subsequently, "Bursting Downstream" takes center stage, crafting a tension-filled arpeggio that gradually dissipates into a serene atmosphere. This tranquil ambiance sets the stage for the album's final piece, "Sea Coda," which opens with another nature-inspired ambient introduction before introducing a heartfelt piano melody. As the poignant conclusion to the album, this sentimental piece serves as the perfect finale, each track acting as a tile that completes the intricate framework of the entire album.

Throughout Frameworks, Pick's innovative use of microtonal piano tuning adds a layer of complexity and depth to the music. Initially creating a sense of tension and unease, these microtones gradually evolve, ultimately contributing to a warm and inviting harmonic palette by the album's conclusion. This artistic choice not only highlights Pick's dedication to pushing musical boundaries but also enhances the album's overarching narrative of transformation and growth.

In addition to his musical prowess, Micah Pick's background as a composer, pianist, and producer shines through in every track. His meticulous attention to detail and emotive performances further elevate the listening experience, inviting listeners on a deeply introspective journey through sound.

Frameworks is more than just an album; it's a sonic exploration of shifting perspectives and embracing change. Through its meticulously crafted compositions and thought-provoking themes, Micah Pick invites listeners to contemplate the nature of transformation and find solace in the beauty of evolution. With Frameworks, Pick solidifies his position as a visionary artist, pushing the boundaries of genre and emotion with each meticulously crafted note. The album will be released on all digital platforms on the 13th of April 2024.


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