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Sonic Reflections: Yonatan Gutfeld's 'About Two Months' Unraveled

"About Two Months" by Yonatan Gutfeld is a musical odyssey that defies the constraints of genre and time. Featuring 10 instrumental pieces that revolve around improvised piano and percussion, this album is a remarkable fusion of jazz, classical, and pop influences. It offers an introspective and profoundly personal listening experience, accentuated by the exceptional use of sound effects that create an otherworldly atmosphere within the music.

Right from the first few notes, it's evident that Yonatan Gutfeld possesses extraordinary piano skills. His piano flows like a river, unhindered by traditional time signatures, gracefully gliding to its own rhythm. It hovers effortlessly above the delicate percussion, creating an enchanting and mesmerizing soundscape.

One of the most striking aspects of this album is its personal touch. Each track is named after a specific date of the month, effectively inviting the listener into Yonatan Gutfeld's world, and urging you to perceive life through his eyes. This album welcomes you into his private sanctuary, encouraging you to uncover the beauty in everyday life. It's an invitation to observe the subtle play of light and shadow, the caress of a gentle breeze on your face, and other nuances that frequently elude our attention. Gutfeld's music takes these ordinary moments and polishes them to brilliance, exposing fresh perspectives on the mundane.

One standout track, "For Lydia," captures your attention with its distinctive name and sustains your interest with its mesmerizing composition. This piece is where you can genuinely feel the ebb and flow of emotion through the soft, muted piano. It's a testament to Gutfeld's remarkable ability to convey feelings and narratives through his music.

Gutfeld's approach to crafting "About Two Months" is nothing short of captivating. His daily piano improvisations, akin to a personal diary of moods and emotions, form the foundation of this album. It's as though he has opened the door to his inner world, inviting us to partake in his reflections and experiences. The outcome is a collection of compositions that feel raw, sincere, and profoundly intimate.

The genius in "About Two Months" doesn't stop at its melodies and compositions. What truly sets this album apart is the exceptional use of sound effects in some of the pieces. With a keen ear and close attention, the subtlety of these sound effects can be heard, and once they're perceived, it's impossible to ignore their presence. This clever implementation of sound effects beckons the listener to search for a parallel universe within the music, adding an extraordinary layer of depth and intrigue.

Combining piano with soft percussions infuses the music with a lounge-style quality that's perfect for unwinding and contemplation. The left-hand arpeggios evoke the elegance of nocturnes, while the harmonies and floating melodies transport you to the world of soft jazz. The fusion of these elements is a testament to Gutfeld's musical versatility and prowess.

Yonatan Gutfeld, an Israeli musician based in Brooklyn, NY, has certainly delivered a captivating and introspective musical journey with "About Two Months." His diverse musical background and experiences shine through, making this album a testament to his artistry. It is a delightful blend of genres, emotions, and storytelling, and it's an album that invites you to slow down, immerse yourself in the moment, and discover the magic in the everyday. Gutfeld's personal and heartfelt approach to this project is evident in every note, making "About Two Months" an album worth savoring and revisiting again and again.

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