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More Music For The Dark of Night

I spend every night right now resting as best as I can. However, because of the various different types of medication I’m on, I find myself waking up 2 to 4 times a night with a need to rush to the restroom once again. I can’t lie, I would rather just stay in bed all night! Luckily, one of the ways I’m managed to increase the amount of sleep that I’m able to get is to use relaxing music on Youtube to sort of take the edge off as I rest my weary body and tired mind.

For my wife and I, this musical journey started during our stay in Mexico. Sometimes I would use relaxing rain music for stress relief over the course of my sleeping and could really feel it making a difference. The rest of the room would sort of fade away as my eyes would close and I could see through the best parts of my spirit as I slept. I wanted to be a part of the rain that I could hear dripping past me as I neared dissolved.

When you’re stuck inside a consistently inconsistent wake-up schedule, you really begin to feel the lack of sleep. Thanks to my fancy Apple Watch, I get more than the idea that my sleep isn’t working as I also get a bevy of stats to go through every day. Each morning is another chance to see even more of my sleep prognosis. When did I get up? How many times? How many times was I forced awake for another break? Classical music for sleep became more of a driver for rest than it has ever been beforehand. In order to sleep I needed music.

Building the legend for soothing music

From Cambodia to Mexico to Texas, all the way to my current home in Tallinn, Estonia, I’ve taken this sleeping musical life with me. For me, the music is a little faster and more current. Other times the music is slower and more spiritual healing music. This is the music my wife prefers we listen to as we sleep. It’s easier for her to lose herself to the songs from our little Apple Home Pod speaker in the other room.

I am able to silence my mind for a few hours thanks to the power of the sleep music that pipes itself into my ears during restful periods. While I can see the stats and the data from my sleep, I also have to be very clear that what I can see is not all of what I am. Whether I sleep for three hours a night, I can still wake up, feed the dog, and write my morning pages before the light even peaks in. I’ve learned how to live my life as a full day before it technically even starts. The sleep that I don't get suddenly becomes the lead up to the work that gets done. It’s not perfect, but it’s made a major difference for me going forward this year.

Sleeping without worry or fear

Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice. I can get so tired between 6 PM (18:00) and 8 PM (20:00) that I will desperately need the music to "make me sleep right now". If I can’t sleep without worry or fear though, I could stay up all through the night and end up hoping I was dead the next day.

Since I don’t want that feeling on my conscious, I’ve learned how to sleep when I need to. I take naps throughout the day and push myself to do less and hope for more with my body moving forward. Pushing myself in new and different ways in order to become a better version of what I’d like to be. It's not always so easy, but it’s been working pretty well so far. I hope I’m able to continue. Understanding my own need for music in the dark of night to stay asleep a little longer helps me understand how this future era we live in is the best time to always find whatever it is I need.

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