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Soul Train Trio, a journey through the musical multiverse

All aboard the Soul Train Trio! Get ready to be transported on a musical journey like no other as Marco Paul and his incredible ensemble take you on an auditory adventure through their debut album, "Soul Train Trio". With seven captivating tracks that seamlessly blend soul, jazz, funk, rock, and blues, this album is a testament to the boundless creativity and diversity of the trio's sound.

Diverse Influences Converge into a Harmonious Fusion

Marco Paul, an acclaimed composer, and multi-instrumentalist, leads the charge in this remarkable project. Joined by the virtuosic Nicolas Silveira on drums and the talented Jaime Aldaraca Ferrao on baritone saxophone and transversal flute, Soul Train Trio delivers an album that defies easy categorization. While rooted in soul and jazz, their music ventures into unexpected territories, drawing on classical, pop, and even middle eastern elements.

Vocals that Speak to the Soul

The majority of the album features captivating vocal performances that demand attention. Marco Paul's voice, reminiscent of Frank Zappa's distinctive style on the lower frequencies and Rick Davies’ exceptional vocal tapestry on the higher frequencies, adds depth and emotion to every lyric. "Bugambilia" stands out with its juxtaposition of high vocal notes and sultry saxophone tones, creating an intriguing and immersive sonic experience. The lyrics themselves offer a fascinating narrative, inviting listeners to delve deeper into each track's story.

Intricate Instrumentation and Melodic Layers

The instrumental tracks are equally captivating. "Dumbo" kicks off with an inviting bass intro that gradually builds, layering in synth and saxophone melodies. Throughout the album, the trio masterfully weaves harmonies, rhythm, and melodies, creating a rich array of sound that continuously evolves and surprises.

Artistic Expression Unveiled

The album's cover artwork, a black and white illustration with hints of cubism, perfectly captures the trio's innovative spirit. Just as the music explores multiple realities, the artwork showcases the instruments from different angles, symbolizing the diverse musical elements at play.

Track Highlights that Dazzle

  • "Dumbo": This instrumental piece begins with a bass intro that is later accompanied by synth, followed by the saxophone taking the lead in a soulful solo. As the composition unfolds, the melody gradually opens up and evolves into a more syncopated rhythm.

  • "Ginekara Mou": The track opens with the alluring and sultry tones of the saxophone. This segues into a solo that introduces vocals for the first time on the album. Flute ornamental notes interlace with the vocal melody atop the bass, eventually giving way to a full-fledged flute solo. A velvety texture soothes the listener's senses in anticipation of the vocal's return. Marco Paul's voice, residing in the lower register and marked by his unique vocal control, evokes shades of Frank Zappa. Notably, both the flute and saxophone solos in this piece exude an exquisite allure.

  • "Bugambilia": This track boasts an intense vocal delivery, with high notes from the vocals contrasting against the lower notes of the saxophone. The rhythm undergoes shifts, unveiling the emergence of sustained organ notes in the background.

  • "Enter the Kitten": Departing from the ordinary, "Enter the Kitten" lives up to its distinct name. This piece stands out as a truly unique creation within the already exceptional album by the Soul Train Trio and Marco Paul. While the lyrics narrate a tale of a spellbinding kitty cat, it's the musical arrangement that truly shines. The synthesizer solo ingeniously mimics the meowing sound of a cat, complemented by the vocal's chant-like melody in a lower register. The saxophone then echoes these themes in its solo, all contributing to the piece's masterpiece status.

  • "The Art of Hunter": Initially introduced with piano chords reminiscent of Supertramp, "The Art of Hunter" soon sees the flute take over in a solo that unmistakably ushers the listener back into Marco Paul's artistic universe. Vocals then join in, embarking on an extensive journey. The latter half of the piece transforms into a fully instrumental segment, featuring a classic jazz solo section where each instrument takes center stage to showcase its prowess.

  • "Ain't no Jazz" & "Tierra del Sol": These two tracks serve as a riveting combination of musical transformation. "Ain't no Jazz" commences with an oriental-inspired vibe, gradually transitioning into an up-tempo jazz composition with an amazing piano solo. The subsequent track, "Tierra del Sol," carries forth the tempo and ambiance of "Ain't no Jazz." When experienced in tandem, the two pieces form a complete work resembling a classical minuet and trio structure. The piece commences with a slower tempo, shifts to a faster pace with three instruments, and concludes by revisiting the initial theme.

Soul Train Trio's Unmissable Expedition

"Soul Train Trio" is more than just an album; it's an immersive experience that takes you on a journey through the musical landscapes of Marco Paul and his talented collaborators. The fusion of genres, the intricate instrumentation, and the deep emotional resonance make this album a must-listen for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable musical adventure. So, hop on the Soul Train and let your soul be carried away by the irresistible rhythms and melodies of this extraordinary trio.

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