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A sonic Odyssey on the revolving shores

In "Revolving Shores," Graffiti Welfare has crafted an opus that transcends boundaries and speaks directly to the human experience. It's an album that beckons you to explore the depths of your consciousness and embrace the ephemerality of life. With every note, it instills a sense of wonder, inviting you to surrender to the magic of the music.

The Denver-based alt-psych-pop artist will take you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and introspection with his debut album, "Revolving Shores." Unraveling the complexities of coming-of-age in the 21st century, this album is a kaleidoscope of sound and emotion, leaving listeners mesmerized and captivated.

Graffiti Welfare draws inspiration from a wide array of musical influences, ranging from the trippy vibes of Tame Impala to the experimental prowess of Floating Points and the timeless brilliant vocals of Pink Floyd. With "Revolving Shores," he pushes the boundaries of music, exploring the uncharted territories of the human mind and paying homage to his late grandparents.

One of the remarkable aspects of this album is how Graffiti Welfare seamlessly blends experimental elements with concrete emotions. He creates an ethereal soundscape where luminous reverb and celestial vocals intertwine, leaving listeners floating in a psychedelic tapestry of sound, detached from reality, yet profoundly connected to their own emotions. Each track is a doorway to the human experience, encompassing themes of uncertainty, disillusionment, nostalgia, and catharsis.

How to Listen to “Revolving Shores”

Revolving Shores should be considered a concept album. Although each track has its own world, it still begs the listener to consume the album as a whole. Each piece is a prologue for the next one and an epilogue for the previous one. The music in this album is one long string that has entangled all the pieces together.

"Revolving Shores" begins its sonic odyssey with "To be it," a drone-infused masterpiece that sets the stage for what's to come. As you get lost in the atmospheric allure, "Just Follow" takes you deeper into a dreamlike state, with reverb-laden soundscapes that envelop your senses.

The melodic simplicity of "DejaBlue" draws you in with its soft piano harmonies and electronic accompaniments, while "Good News" surprises with its unexpected ending, a sudden shocking stop to a lush sonic landscape. Something that can’t go unnoticed. This clever ending attracts the ears to listen more carefully to what is coming next.

The standout track, "Volume," commands attention with its unaccompanied vocal introduction, swiftly joined by a pulsating bass and dynamic drums. It's a genre-defying journey that showcases Graffiti Welfare's versatility and musical prowess.

"Revolving Shores" continues to weave its enchanting narrative with "Echoes of Our Sound," an ethereal composition that makes you feel weightless, as if you're floating in the vastness of space.

"Synesthesia" serves as a contemplative instrumental interval, with its minimalist yet mesmerizing melody, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in their thoughts and emotions.

As the album progresses, "Nothing Ever Changes" captures the essence of transformation, building upon an electronic arpeggio and a captivating guitar solo that leads you seamlessly into "Missing the War." This track strikes a poignant chord with its emotive guitar cries from far, and the contrasting atmospheric organ, evoking a sense of profound reflection.

Graffiti Welfare bids his audience farewell with "Seashell," an instrumental piece that is both a serene ending and a multi-stylistic culmination of the album's journey. It's a captivating blend of electronic sounds that leave you yearning for more, much like the ebb and flow of the tides.


The real experience occurs when you listen to the album from beginning to end, it is a journey, you need to let yourself in the hands of Graffiti Welfare and let your mind and soul be swept away by this captivating alternative psych-pop masterpiece. Discover your own interpretation of the journey and let the music resonate with your very core. Get ready to be spellbound, as "Revolving Shores" awaits you.


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