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Tune of the week: Concerto for Organ and Guitar by Overdrive

Introducing Overdrive: The Bulgarian Synthwave Musician.

Overdrive is a rising musician hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria. His passion for music started at a young age, and he has since developed his unique style of blending electronic and rock music. Overdrive's love for retro music shines through his debut album "Drive to Live," which features heavy synths, melodic guitars, and electronic beats.

Overdrive's music is heavily influenced by the synthwave genre, which emerged in the late 2000s and is characterized by its nostalgic, retro-futuristic sound. The genre is often associated with the 1980s, with influences from sci-fi films, video games, and pop culture of that era. Overdrive's music brings a fresh take on this genre, with his own spin on it.

"Drive to Live," released in 2021, is a journey through time and space, with tracks that transport the listener back to the '80s. The album's title track sets the tone, with its heavy guitar riffs and electronic beats that give it a powerful, driving sound. Other standout tracks include "Night Cruising," a dreamy track with a pulsing beat that captures the feeling of driving through the city at night, and "Neon Lights," an upbeat track that is reminiscent of arcade games from the '80s.

Overdrive's music is not only influenced by synthwave but also draws from various genres, including rock, metal, and electronic music. The artist's love for music is evident in his compositions, which are carefully crafted to create an immersive listening experience. His music has garnered a dedicated following, with fans from all over the world.

Overdrive's music is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. The artist has worked hard to create his unique sound, blending various genres to create something fresh and exciting. His music is a must-listen for fans of the synthwave genre, as well as anyone who appreciates good music.

One standout track from his album "Land of Dreams" is "Concerto for Organ and Guitar," which showcases Overdrive's ability to blend church organ sounds with a retro atmosphere, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.

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